Saturday, September 6, 2014

Boys and their toys - world record edition

OK, I've got to say that the world speed record business might just have jumped the shark.  It seems two young fellows from the Isle of Man have built a mobility scooter capable of over 100 mph!

The Telegraph reports:

In fairness, though the machine looks like a typical mobility scooter (complete with shopping basket on the front), it was built by the men from scratch using a shortened go-kart chassis and a 600cc Suzuki Bandit engine.

There's more at the link.

I must admit, I'd dearly love to see that thing roaring down the aisles at our local supermarket, scattering the People of Walmart before it in every direction . . .



Able said...

I definitely think there's something in the IoM water.

My jobbing builder friend is a regular (with his father and brother) at every TT (he was offered a works ride but declined as he prefers the 'independence' - meaning they'd frown at his back-yard 'tinkering').

He and his brother regularly shoe-horn large engines into custom space-frame 'contraptions' for this weeks (both Cumbrian and IoM) weird race. The current project is apparently a space-frame, fibreglass bodied, lowered, 88” Series 1 Landrover with a supercharged 2 litre Cosworth engine. There have been 'armchair' and even 'toilet' races in the past - seriously (imagine a 'Ducati' red 500 cc upholstered armchair, or a 250 cc porcelain job with working cistern and go-faster four ply accessories)!

I think I'll refrain from mentioning this story to them … as I know they have a 900 cc 'Nina' engine lying around in the workshop and I can guarantee they probably would think a 600 a bit wimpy. I don't think they'd survive the experience and he hasn't finished re-plumbing my bathroom yet.

Don't blieve me? Check out Croft Autodrome most weekends.

Spikessib said...

And I thought I was the only one who was determined not to end up with one of those 5mph max machines. I always planned on a V-8 in mine...imagine Walmart if everyone had one of those!

Will said...

In the 70's-80's, it was somewhat common to stuff big bike engines (1000cc(+) 4 cyls, and triple two-strokes) into go-karts. Mostly for the drags. IIRC, the top speed limit was about 155mph, wheel driven. For various reasons, increasing power couldn't drive them any faster, although there was at least one guy with a dual rocket powered kart that ran about 20mph faster.

You had to run bodywork to get faster, as they would just float otherwise. Not enough down force to keep the tires sticking at high speed. IIRC, adding bodywork/wings took you out of the kart class.