Thursday, September 4, 2014

Doofus Of The Day #786

Today's award goes to Code Pink for this daft protest in Washington D.C.

Three points:

  1. I'd be a lot happier to support Code Pink's protest if they simultaneously protested Gaza's launching of missiles aimed at Jewish settlements in Israel, timed to arrive at precisely the moment that schools let out and kids were on their way home.  Their silence on the latter topic can only be described as deafening.
  2. I'd be happier to support their protest if it were something original, not a rip-off of the so-called 'ice bucket challenge'.
  3. Equating - or at least linking - Gaza in the Middle East with Ferguson?  In Missouri???  What are they smoking?  (Of course, if the people of Ferguson were to launch missiles into St. Louis, as the people of Gaza have done to Israel, I daresay the rest of St. Louis would solve their problem in a far less restrained manner than Israel has acted in Gaza . . . but that's quibbling, I suppose.)




B5K said...

I'm surprised they didn't get a Presidential Freedom Award.

I love the media's take on the Israel/Gaza squabble. Many many stories of the hardships of the Gaza peeps, and nary a one on the Jewish side (though, to be fair, I can barely stand to listen to more than a few minutes of "news"). Some "Free the poor oppressed terroristic regime" Code Pinkholes tried to block an Israeli-owned Zim ship from unloading here a few weeks ago. Our local media stations all reported "a few dozen protesters".

Yeah, except I was there. One longshoreman jumped by 3 "peaceful protesters", 5 vehicles keyed and 2 had their tires slashed. The ILWU guys didn't lift a finger while I was there; the peaceniks were so overly aggressive it would've been comical in other circumstances. Not one single mention of their antics in the MSM either.

JMD said...

There were many good contenders for the Doofus award.

Coconut said...

With a bit of luck there were some rocks in those buckets.

Then again, I'm not sure as it'd make any difference.

Anonymous said...

Those cretins shouldn't be dumping dirt on their heads--they should instead dump pig feces!


Able said...

I … whenever I think I've seen the height of peoples idiocy … you get something like this.

They 'do' realise that the life expectancy of any Code Pink member in Gaza (or any other muslim territory) would be measured in pico-seconds, don't they? (I'd have suggested that some would probably experience a similar 'welcome' to that being forced on the Yazadis ladies but … well, even muslims probably wouldn't .. with a barge pole). They are campaigning, chanting and rioting in support of a bunch who happily, not only admit, but brag how they'd kill them all, and against the one country in the region which would let them continue to be spongers and idiots.

Hypocrites and cowards is what they are – even they will recognise the suffering but nary a peep will ever be heard because they know they face attack. Much easier/safer to complain about a country/religion/people who wont hack their heads off with a rusty bread-knife for not wearing a bin-bag (just like that group who unaccountably, after attacking a lady wearing fur, declined to comment about 6' 5”, 230 lbs me and my leather jacket).

Oh, and 'the hardships of the Gaza people'? Having spent some considerable time there (incommunicado) over the years I just wish my home city (UK) had half the facilities and money. I showed some 'holiday snaps' to friends and they simply couldn't believe that it was Gaza – because 'everyone knows' they live in shanty towns and are starving, not plush glass and steel high-rises and snack at the local coffee shop after driving there in there nice new Mercedes/porsche/Rolls. I hope one day to 'politely' explain my opinion on the MSM portrayal to a 'journalist' at some point (if I can get away with it and have my shovel handy).

Old NFO said...

They are fools... but they get publicity... sigh

C. S. P. Schofield said...

Code Pink are a bunch of nitwits. Their Hobby-Protests have the same deep significance as the frat-house antics of the 1950's, like goldfish swallowing and phone booth stuffing. That society tolerates them is a mark of society's collective sense of proportion; they are not even worth suppressing. That they constitute News shows how desperate a 24 hour cycle has made the media.

Anonymous said...

Paul in Texas

Paul said...

Stupid is as stupid does. To quote Forest.

ruralcounsel said...

Don't they know that it doesn't work with dirt? They need to use drain cleaner.