Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What in the world . . . ???

NPR has done an in-depth analysis of military hardware made available to US law enforcement agencies and departments by the US Department of Defense under its 1033 program.  Among the items transferred were - almost unbelievably - 11,959 bayonets.

Would someone kindly explain to me what the hell police officers and sheriff's deputies propose to do with bayonets?  Are they expecting to have to literally 'stick it to the man' - or the neighborhood?







Rev. Paul said...

This is just another case of local law enforcement grabbing whatever Uncle Sugar will give them, without any thought of whether it would be useful.

But law enforcement gets its fair share of bullies, attracted by the power and the guns, and they'd find a way to use whatever's at hand.


Anonymous said...

Bayonets? They make the first rank of rabble less than eager to press on our riot control lines.

When are you people gonna learn your place and to stay in it??

DaddyBear said...

Maybe they just want to make the grass grow.

Seriously, Rev. Paul has it right. My guess is that the program basically gives the LEO's a catalog and they can get whatever looks good. Louisville got a bunch of extreme cold weather gear. Like the stuff I used to lay in snow banks for very long periods. It doesn't get that cold in Kentucky, ever, but hey, it sounded cool.

Pascal said...

I'm not sure if this is a preferential video to your cricket sound one, or if it adds even more meaning to it. I'm sure you can sort it out. In any case, it may help shed some light in answer to your WITW? question.