Sunday, September 21, 2014

Making an old hangar into a home

I was interested to read how a young married couple transformed part of an old aircraft hangar into a home (with offices for one of their enterprises below).  They went from this:

to this:

to this.

Having restored an old, dilapidated four-bedroom apartment in South Africa, I have some idea of how much work is involved.  The amount needed for a hangar conversion must be at least ten times more!  My hat's off to the couple.  Those interested in home improvement will enjoy their story.



Old NFO said...

Neat, and a 'nice' commute to work... one floor down! ;-)

Able said...

His name wasn't Dirk Pitt was it?

skybill said...

Never mind "converting" the hangar into a "living space," If the airport authority would allow it, I'd live in the hangar, me and my plane, hotplate, coffee pot and shower/bath and that's it. My late wife, who was my real estate agent when I met her, told her boss,"He likes ugly houses Jerry, to him he'd rather live in a 'Airplane Hangar!!'" 'Nuff said.
Got Gunz??,