Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tired puppy

Truck's in the service shop for repair.  I drove Miss D. to work in her vehicle, then borrowed it for the day before picking her up this evening.  Pouring rain all afternoon, narrowly missed half a dozen accidents, passed four clumps of cars that didn't.  Paid rent, found out I can't afford to put a new, watertight roof on my little cargo trailer (it'd cost as much as a new trailer!), did other bits and pieces.

I'm a tired puppy.  I go bed now.  I'll put up more posts in the morning.

Sleep well, y'all.



STxRynn said...

There is this slop called elastomeric coating. It's a white thick "paint". It's made to stop leaks on tin roofs or shingle for that matter. I used it to seal the fasteners I used on the underlayment (Titanium, which I again would recommend. It is good for 6 months in the sun, non-slip surface, won't turn to dust like tar paper will)

When I roofed the house a couple years ago, I bought way more than needed. It's handy stuff. Sealed my son's shingle roof, and the tin roof on the shop, too.

I got the Black Jack brand at Lowe's. A gallon was about $20. Apply with a brush. I recommend it. You are way north in lattitude, I'm close to the surface of the sun. Seems to manage that okay as well.

Good luck!

(I am not affliated with either of the products listed or the company that I purchased them from. Just a satisfied user passing along my recommendations. YMMV) (Robot prevention text was 666!!!!!)

Will said...

I'm assuming you have problems with the structure itself, not just leaks? If just leaks, I would think you would just get it coated with one of the various truckbed liner coatings.

I would consider checking at various wrecking yards, to look for junked trailers and motorhomes. You might be able to salvage the parts to create or rebuild the roof. Also look at caps for pickups. I've seen them mounted on trailer roofs. Whether it was done to create a roof, or used to increase the height, I'm not sure.

Knowing what the exact problem is, and what materiel the trailer body is made from, might help point to a more optimum solution.

Will Brown said...

+1 on the truck bed liner coatings idea.

Pep Boys is an easy first look at a possible leak repair solution for under $100. If you apply a layer of auto body-type fiberglass under the bed liner you can basically build a new roof for (relatively) cheap too.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very busy day, get some needed rest.

Little utility trailers are a real pain. My wife is a motorcycle rider (or as she puts it, she wears a motorcycle :^) and we purchased one of those little 4 x 8 foot utility trailers in case her bike broke down and left her stranded, with no means to bring it back (My trailer bed is too small).

Well we bought it, built it and realized too late that the license tag, costing about $60 a year, would cost as much as buying a new trailer every three years (!). So we sold it at a loss.

Oh, 15 years of riding and never have her bikes left her stranded (yet). We're keeping our fingers crossed. We need to find one of those bumper hitches that take the front wheel to tow off.