Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lafayette's ship is about to return

I'm not sure how many of my readers are maritime enthusiasts, but for those who are, a fifteen-year project in France is about to come to fruition.  A replica of the frigate L'Hermione, used by the Marquis de Lafayette to come to the United States in 1780, has just begun her sea trials.  Next year she'll recreate the 1780 voyage, heading south into the Atlantic, then northwards up the coast of America to Halifax in Canada before returning to France.

I haven't been able to find footage of her sea trials (they began today, so probably nothing's been uploaded yet).  However, here are two video clips of her launching, and of training her crew.  I recommend watching both in full-screen mode.

She looks to be a magnificent recreation of her famous predecessor, built using as many as possible of the same materials and techniques as the first Hermione.  You can read more about her at the project's Web site.  I look forward to seeing her when she comes to this country.


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