Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Doofus Of The Day #785

Today's award goes to a teenager in London, England.

A Domino’s pizza customer was left hungry and annoyed when his fast food dinner apparently arrived without any toppings.

Dre, a 19-year-old from north London, was quick to get in touch with the pizza company on Twitter to complain.

After receiving an apology over the lack of toppings, the teenager tweeted back revealing he had actually opened up the pizza upside down.

Amused Twitter users picked up on the hilarious exchange, with the messages being shared retweeted by thousands on the site.

There's more at the link.

He opened his pizza upside down - and didn't realize it???  Ye Gods and little fishes . . .  And to think he's likely to breed one day!



Robert the Biker said...

Now, now, at least the kid had the jam to own up to it. I bet there's plently would have kept quiet in the hopes of a free pizza.

Will said...

I suspect the driver delivered the box upside down. That, or they loaded the pizza into an upside down box. The customer flipping the box would seem unlikely.

Anonymous said...

Theirs an older variation of this which actually has the conversation with the call center.