Saturday, September 30, 2017

Making crocodiles look like minnows by comparison

Australian reader Snoggeramus sends us a fascinating report about a dead whale that's being eaten by salt-water crocodiles.

"We had paying passengers from a cruise ship and they had a look at something truly amazing," Mr Crook said.

"When we got there we counted nine crocodiles, quite big at around three metres probably, and they were just tiny compared to this whale, which was maybe a medium sized humpback, not a juvenile but a bit older."

As they circled their [helicopter] around the carcass, later on at least fourteen crocodiles arrived to feast on the dead whale, with some even spotted emerging from the carcass' belly.

Photos taken by Mr French show 3.5 metre crocodiles looking like small lizards next to the massive whale.

"The smell was incredible, even in the chopper, so the crocodiles will be coming from miles around," Mr Crook said.

There's more at the link, including a photograph.

To see those massive crocodiles (10-12 feet long) absolutely dwarfed into insignificance by the huge carcass of the dead whale is amazing!  I hope more photographs emerge of the incident, and possibly some video too.



Tempest01 said...

And that is why you don't go swimming up North!

Seal Of Lion said...

On Wrangel Island in the Arctic Ocean a whale carcus was spotted washed on shore. There are dozens of polar bears there having a fall feast.