Monday, June 18, 2018

So where do you get the ammunition?

In my review of Ruger's PC9 carbine, published earlier this morning, I recommended Federal HST 147gr. hollowpoint ammunition as an ideal pairing with the firearm.  That engendered several e-mails from frustrated readers, all saying, in so many words, "That's all very well, but where do we find that ammo?  Our local dealers don't have it in stock!"

That's not too difficult.  I've bought almost all my ammunition from SGAmmo of Oklahoma for several years, and I'd like to give them a shout-out here.  (No, they're not compensating me in any way for it, whether in cash or in kind.  I just like their great service and decent prices.)  The name comes from the initials of the owner/operator of the business, Sam Gabbert.

SGAmmo has probably got more varieties of ammunition in stock at any one time than most other suppliers, and I've always found their prices to be about the best on the market.  Others may come close to them from time to time, but I've never seen them consistently beaten.  That's why I keep going back there.  They have bulk supplies by the case, and in many cases they also offer ammo by the box, often in the hard-to-find varieties that you can't get anywhere else.  What's more, their service is great.  They show shipping costs on the ammo page, so you can factor it into your purchase.  They pack the items securely, e-mail you when the order's shipped, and offer shipping insurance and signature-required delivery as low-cost additional options.

Their prices are as reasonable as I think it's possible to get.  Sometimes they're great:  for example, as I write these words, you can get a 5,000 round case of CCI Blazer .22LR ammunition for $209.50 - about four cents per round, which is outstanding value in today's market.  A 500-round brick of the same ammo will set you back $21.95, which isn't much more per round.  The Federal HST2 9mm. ammunition I recommended in my PC9 review this morning will cost you, at the time of writing, $379.00 for a 1,000-round case, or $19.95 for a 50-round box;  and they have other bullet weights and cartridges in the HST range for a similar cost.  Those prices are far better (by 50% or more) than those I've seen in retail gun stores.

If you need handgun, rifle, shotgun or rimfire ammo, even a small quantity, check out SGAmmo.  I've been a repeat customer there for years, and I daresay you may become one too.  Highly recommended.



The Raving Prophet said...

+1 on SG Ammo. I've bought a bunch from them, never a single issue. Sometimes they have screaming deals, sometimes it's just a bit of a discount, but they always have a good selection and they're very up front about how long it will take to get the order out the door.

Old NFO said...

Yep, they are good folks!

Brian said...

I start my search on Filter for what I'm looking for and find some great prices.

tsquared said...

The Federal HST is a nice SD round. The thing that is more important is being able to hit you target in a stressful situation.

Beaner49 said...

+1 on SGammo..
They are the only supplier of 7.62x39 8m3 ammo.
The only true defensive Russian load for the AK.
and it is priced just a little more than the Wolf stuff.