Thursday, June 7, 2018

Sometimes Nature is just too cool for words

Here's a wonderful video clip, filmed from a drone, of a blue whale mother and her calf swimming with dolphins off San Diego on June 4th.  I recommend muting the music soundtrack and watching in full-screen mode.  Clearly, the dolphins are treating the blue whale just as they would a ship, and swimming in front of her and her calf in playful mode.

All together, now:  Aaaawww!



stencil said...

Is it not passing brave, to be a whale and swim in triumph through the sea like this?

Tom in NC said...

A friend played hooky from a convention we were at in San Diego on the 4th and went on a whale watching tour in a RIB - said he saw blue
whales with a calf and lots of dolphins. Wonder if these in the footage were some of the ones he saw? Magnificent creatures!!