Friday, June 1, 2018

Suitcases like I've never seen before

I had to smile when reading an article at Laughing Squid about a new self-contained kitchen-in-a-suitcase.

There's also a desk (with chair) in a suitcase:

And even a bed-in-a-suitcase:

I'm not sure how practical they all are, but full marks to the designer for fitting everything into so small a space.  The prices, however, are outrageous!



Beans said...

These harken back to the old days of Safari outfitters. One could buy basically the same thing, back in the days.

And the portable desk setup has been around since, I think, the 1500's. Used to be called a Campaign desk.

I've seen advertisements for 'Camper' kitchens, basically a mini-chuckwagon set-up for autos, sold back in the '20s.

Bed in a box? Hmmm, now if there was a set of cot legs that got that whole thing off the ground, that would be totally neat.

The older I get, the more 'new' things seem like the old, just made out of different materials.

Old NFO said...

Interesting yes, affordable NO!!!

JC said...

I have the drawings for a neat campaign desk kinda thing that I did that some moons ago. Just a skoosh larger than a standard briefcase, about the size of a catalogue case or those damn wheelie suitcases .that all the lawyers seem to be using now

Unknown said...

Similar things are available surplus ex US military -- the case portion at least:

Dave said...

Model 1952 field desk:

Tempest01 said...

The kitchen in a suitcase would be handy for long distance truckdrivers here in Western Australia. With the capability of folding away and being stored under the bunk, and depending on if it uses gas or electricity for cooking.

Aesop said...

Gives a whole new meaning to "food to go".