Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Sneaky - but it paid off

The Miami Dolphins seem to make a habit of bringing off tricky plays that fool their opposition.  They did it again last weekend, with this fake kick at goal that turned into a touchdown against the Philadelphia Eagles.  Miami won the game 37-31.

It came almost exactly a year after the Dolphins' famous "Miracle in Miami" touchdown against the New England Patriots, which still draws admiring and disbelieving comment from fans across the spectrum.  The play took place with only 7 seconds remaining in the match.  Talk about a nail-biter!

Full marks to the Dolphins for both scores.  They aren't in contention for the title, but they can sure play some entertaining football sometimes.



Ben Yalow said...

As a lifelong NY Jets (and Titans before they changed their name) fan, I (unfortunately) call your attention to Dan Marino's fake spike game, a quarter century ago.


Miguel GFZ said...

Now, if they could perform the regular plays, w would be so happy down here

Old NFO said...

Sigh... They can pull those off, but a regular game, not really...