Sunday, April 2, 2023

Sunday morning music


Here's a song that seems to have a split personality.  It's by German melodic/progressive/metal rock band Blind Guardian.  Let me confess that I don't particularly like the group's music:  they appear to share the common problem with groups in those genres of focusing on effects rather than music, emotions rather than melody, etc.  I have a problem with that approach, being somewhat old-fashioned in my tastes.  Many other "power metal" groups have the same problem, IMHO.  Still, there are many who like it, as evidenced by such groups' success.

"The Bard's Song" was one of Blind Guardian's early successes.  It's from their 1992 album "Somewhere Far Beyond", and is a folk rock ballad rather than a metal song - which is why I like it more than the band's usual output.  Here's a version filmed in monochrome to emphasize its "old-time" musical focus.

It's remained a perennial favorite with the band's fans, as demonstrated in this live performance at the Wacken Open Air festival in 2011.

You'll find much more of Blind Guardian's music on their YouTube channel.



Anonymous said...

Van Canto is a (mostly) a capella metal band who did a pretty great cover of The Bard's Song too.

James said...

Because the comments here are often as interesting as the original post I find them interesting and valuable even when I disagree. I see that a new banner about moderating comments is posted, good for you, I don't need more BS about how to make thousands a day.
There is a genre of metal you may enjoy called symphonic metal. The music often contains element of many other forms of music and is usually headed by an operatically talented female vocalist. This is Ghost Love Score by Nightwish, the musicians while very talented tend to play within themselves and focus on the group effort.

TXRed said...

I discovered that I listen to the instrumental versions of some of Blind Guardian's music, when available, more than to the originals. They're a group that has no middle ground for me. Either I love one of their songs, or a can't stand it.

Symphonic metal can be lovely, when it's not going in less-than-great directions (like some of Nightwish's songs, some of Sirenia's, and so on.)

squisher said...

The Bard's Song is brilliant; and that's from a metalhead!

I do enjoy Blind Guardian's "regular" fare as well. They produced am entire concept album based on the Silmarillian. "Nightfall in Middle Earth" (circa 1998 or so) for those so inclined.

BrentG said...

Nightfall in Middle Earth is a great album. Depressing, but great.