Thursday, June 22, 2023

A physician examines the "transgender nightmare"


An interview from City Journal:

Christopher Rufo: Please begin by setting the scene. What’s it like in a major children’s hospital in the United States regarding transgender interventions for children?

Physician: I think the best way to answer that question is to talk about the cultural shift that happened in 2020, because transgender ideology and Covid are inextricably linked. Normally, doctors operate by the authority of the professional societies that govern our specific practice. That worked because the individuals in those institutions were reliable, intelligent, and thoughtful. But with Covid in 2020, we started getting medical decrees without peer review or evidence—you saw this with masks, social distancing, and emergency-use authorizations. These decrees were expressed as something that everyone had to do, without justification based on sound science. The other thing was censorship. If you were to ask questions or express doubt about these medical decrees, you would be ostracized within your department, and you stood a good chance of being publicly humiliated, severely reprimanded, or fired.

That’s when transgender ideology really took off. Within these academic institutions, so-called experts in the field of transgender medicine would simply declare that puberty blockers and other interventions were the gold standard of care. The evidence to support this is completely fraudulent, but no dissent was permitted. Everyone within the medical community knew that if he questioned transgender ideology, he would suffer the same type of repercussions that had happened during Covid. The best way to describe the environment would be as an authoritarian, censorious culture that discourages any meaningful debate and encourages the demonization of anyone who asks questions.

Rufo: What are the main tenets of transgender medical theory that are enforced as the conventional wisdom? And how have those tenets changed medical practice?

Physician: One, when an individual believes he or she is of a certain sex, he or she is truly of that sex. Two, the ideal response is to affirm that individual’s preferred identity. Three, the repercussion of nonintervention is a higher likelihood of that individual committing suicide. The threat of suicide removes any of the guardrails for what we must do to affirm that individual’s identity. Puberty blockers become justified at 11 years old. Hormones become justified at 13 years old. Double mastectomy becomes justified before 18.

But in reality, when you “affirm” these individuals’ gender identity, what you are doing is affirming their hatred for themselves. You have these children who are going through confusing times, difficult times; when you affirm this belief system, what you’re really doing is telling them: “You hate yourself at this moment, and I will affirm that.” We have to ask ourselves, why do these people have such high rates of suicide? Because we’re affirming that they should hate themselves and that they should try to destroy themselves.

There's much more at the link.

It's nightmare material.  If you're a parent with young children (particularly those in their early teens), you need to be aware of the pressure that the transgender lobby is exerting on your kids, and be ready, willing and able to counter it if (when?) necessary.  Go read the whole article.  It's worth your time.



Peter B said...

The anonymous physician is much too kind to his profession. He is correct that COVID was involved, though not quite in the way he thinks, or at least says out loud.

Formal "standards of care," ideally "evidence based standards of care," have been proliferating in medicine over at least a couple of decades. They are often promulgated by the professional societies that Rufo's informant mentioned, and tend to serve as a means for enforcing orthodoxy.

Indeed, that is the case for WPATH, which (based on one poor study which was widely and tendentiously misinterpreted) developed the "gold standard of care" --widely accepted as being "evidence based" for "transgender health." Medical professionals in Europe were in general earlier adopters than ours in the USA, but American physicians are doubling down on these standards even as enthusiasm for them is waning in some European countries.

In the case of COVID, the "standards of care" were developed and promulgated by information provided Big Pharma and by public officials at CDC, NIH and FDA who flat out lied. Then (if we didn't already have the idea) we were shown that there was wholesale corruption of the peer reviewed medical literature. This included spurious research (that looks a lot like it was designed to demonstrate the absence of effective therapies for COVID (which absence was necessary to support the Emergency Use Authorization that lying Pfizer wanted, got, and profited immensely from.)

We have to remember that physicians are highly educated. And by highly, I mean for a long time. Because of the penetration of Woke ideology and its intellectual precursors into the entire educational system, that the more educated you are, the more prolonged your indoctrination has been.

Couple that with the organizational dynamics that Vox Day describes in Corporate Cancer and his SJW books, we can understand how a few woke ideologues took over the American Academy of Pediatrics (and many more medical specialty societies) and promulgated new standards of care.

I don't think Dr. Anonymous wants to admit how corrupt the peer reviewed medical literature now is, or how problematic standards of care even at their best can be. Either admission would be harrowing; both together...

boron said...

@Peter B
I am not a physician. Due to my field, however, I am/was obliged to be/remain au courant of all aspects of medicine that could possibly affect my treatment(s).
1. This is what occurs when you allow/require politicians, book publishers, et al, who have little to no experience in the treatment (at least over twenty to thirty years thereof) of patients, to dictate the "Gold Standard of Treatment."
2. This is what happens when medical schools become a "Paint by the Numbers Kit": memorize these symptoms, classify the problem as such, employ only this method to treat, do not think "outside the box", do not consider any extraneous factors. If you do not follow the herd, a board will shame you among your peers and may even remove your license to practice.
3. The is what ensues when the medical teaching institutions matriculate students from undergraduate schools who score at the very top levels of the MCATs and have zero to no compassion and who, at their interview, demonstrate that they do not understand the difference between a cadaver and a living patient.
4. This is what befalls American medicine, once the finest available worldwide, when the physician/surgeon is forced to practice by the numbers, defend their decisions in court, and earn their living by the numbers.
In my humble opinion.

Landroll said...

The trans and lgbtqxyz gang is just trying to increase their dating pool. The proper response to them is to laugh at them and call them fools.

MrLiberty said...

The presumption is that those providing the "directives" were not ALSO part of the genocidal plan that the plannedemic and death jab are integral to. Given the massive destruction of the reproductive function of the recipients, when you add those to the so-called transgender agenda, you see a purposeful destruction of the human species (mostly targeted at WHITES in the case of transgenderism), that is well on its way to fruition. The medical community (at least the western medical cartel) at this point deserves ZERO respect, 100% condemnation (excluding those that have always been standing up for the truth), and likely crimes against humanity charges for their roles in both the plannedemic/jab, and the childhood mutilation/destruction agenda.

lynn said...

Yes, there is a notable likeness between the Covid treatment for the general population and the transgender movement. Very authoritarian and very in your face.

markm said...

"The threat of suicide removes any of the guardrails for what we must do to affirm that individual’s identity."

But never consider the likelihood of suicide when, with more life experience, the individual realizes this wasn't his/her/whatever's true identity, but is now sterile, nearly incapable of orgasm, and cannot go back.