Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Lest we forget


D-day, 1944.

We remember those who gave their lives for freedom on that day.



Bob said...

Keep in mind, we Americans were already free. Americans who died in both WW1 and WW2 died for people they did not know and never would have known. People who had been fighting and slaughtering each other for literally centuries. America was created by those who were fed up with Europe's endless wars.

Lindbergh was probably right.

MNW said...

Lindbergh and every president before Wilson. We actively stayed out of European messes - with the Chinese exception

Genji said...

Bob & MNW:

Yes, and Yes, and a Thousand Times Yes!

Good to see some pushback against what YouTube commentator The Academic Agent refers to as The Boomer Truth Regime.

I'm sure many readers have seen the various internet memes showing men in the landing craft and saying that if they'd known they were dying for George Floyd and the Fentanyl Sacklers and cutting off their great-grandsons' genitals, they'd have embraced the 'Enemy' as brothers.

The Boomer Truth Regime mindset states that the Mid-Century Germans were the most evil people ever to have lived and committed the most evil acts ever committed. Any, and I mean any pushback against any aspect of the never-ending leftward ratchet towards increased depravity and civilisational (Western only, but that's ours) death automatically gets referred back to the Anglo-American beaches and hedgerows sideshow (Soviets - like it or not - did the true heavy lifting of defeating Germany) plus Nuremberg. This is Menticide. Thought-death. Instant shutdown of any attempt to fight against the leftward drift, let alone move the Overton Window any other direction.

Should have kept out of it. Need to de-sacralise it. Sure Great Grandad Billybob copped one at Omaha Beach... Sacralise HIM. It's not like he had any choice about being there anyway. But the whole thing should never have happened. And Wilson who laid the powder train should be disinterred and used as a piñata.

Joseph said...

The Allies gained a foothold one the European continent that day because despite the casualties, no one had ever told them it was ok to lose. So they didn't.


Two things:

1. Putting this video - with a HT to you, Peter - into today's meme post coming up later.

2. As a Jew, there is no way I can ever have a warm place in my mind for the Nazis. Ever. But I am learning about the Weimar Republic degeneracy and how much of it was owned by Jewish* businessmen. How there was that research place doing medical / surgical research into transgender stuff, primarily run by Jews*.

I cannot excuse what was done to Jews. But in terms of the anger? Especially towards degeneracy and debauchery? I am starting to understand it.

* As comedian Evan Sayet explains, Judaism is unlike any other religion.


I'd be willing to bet 99% of the Jews who owned such businesses, or who ran such institutes, were classifiable as "Plopping Jews".