Sunday, June 18, 2023

Sunday morning music


We've met Spanish classical guitarist Miguel Rincón several times before in these pages.  He's one of the top performers in his field, with a well-earned international reputation.

Here he performs at a concert in 2021, held at the Church of St Peter Martyr of Verona, Pinseque, Saragossa, Spain.  The music is interspersed with some Spanish dialog, but you can click forward to the timestamps below if you want to exclude it.  The performance includes:

01:36 Gaspar Sanz (*1640; †1710). Pavana por la D, con 
           muchas  diferencias / Xácaras (Instrucción de música sobre 
           la guitarra española; Zaragoza, 1674)
16:16 Francisco Guerau (*1649; †1722). Marionas / Canarios 
           (Poema Harmónico; Madrid, 1694)
28:32 Santiago de Murcia (*1670c; †1730c). Folías Gallegas / Giga 
           de Corelli por la B (Códex Saldívar; México, 1732c)
40:31 Gaspar Sanz (*1640; †1710). Pasacalle por la D (Instrucción 
           de música sobre la guitarra española; Zaragoza, 1674)
46:58 Francisco Guerau (*1649; †1722). Pavana (Poema 
           Harmónico; Madrid, 1694)
58:39 Santiago de Murcia (*1670c; †1730c). Fandangos (Códex 
           Saldívar; México, 1732c)

Lovely, relaxing, meditative music.


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