Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Quote of the day


On a Reddit thread titled "TIL That Historians Believe Cats Domesticated Themselves", commenter ms_horseshoe wrote:

If it weren't for cats, we wouldn't have boxes.

That kicked over my giggle-box.  Considering how our cats fight over who's going to be "king of the castle box" when we put one down on the floor, she may have a point!



LindaG said...

Ours will try to get into boxes smaller than they are. And ours fight over them, too. They're good ambush spots, after all. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Had 3 cats and brought 5 items in boxes. Threw all down on floor. Fought over first then two moved on and couldn't decided in the meantime #1 cat went to box they were fighting over and took ownership. So they fought all afternoon over which box was the best. Thank heaven by evening they were all curled up in 1 box. Cats!

Anonymous said...

Best cat I ever had was standing in the backyard on Thanksgiving. Ate the turkey neck and evidently liked the cooking, as he moved in.

Selene said...

Please for the sake of peacefulnes during the End of The world have a stash of boxes put back for your cats, or any that may adopt you during a crises time.