Thursday, June 15, 2023

Anti-semitism is a cop-out


Like many of my readers, I'm aware of the rising tide of anti-semitism among hard-core conservative and right-wing movements.  It's been around for centuries, so that's nothing new.  What does trouble me is that it's based on such flimsy foundations - so flimsy that they cannot, repeat, CANNOT be sustained when one does a detailed analysis of their (allegedly) factual foundation.  Most of them are conspiracy theories, pure and simple.

Many anti-semites rely on the "post hoc ergo propter hoc" logical fallacy ("Since event Y followed event X, event Y must have been caused by event X").  I've lost count of how many times I've seen an infamous quote referenced on social media:  "Every. Single. Time."  This refers to the claim that, after something bad happens, a prominent person or persons involved with the incident is/are proved to be Jewish.  It's never explained precisely how their religion or ethnicity has anything to do with what happened:  it's simply taken as a given that the very fact that a Jew or Jews was involved explains why something bad happened, because "obviously" that religion and its representatives was/were behind it.  Logically, rationally, that's utter nonsense - but the claims are still being made.

Fellow blogger Eaton Rapids Joe applies his own analysis to anti-semitic claims.  I recommend clicking over there to read it for yourself.  His key point:

But the primary problem with "Blame the Jews" is that "the proof" is always done after-the-fact. It is not a testable-hypothesis that is proposed a priori, it is a witch-hunt performed a posteriori. And if they dig deeply enough, they can always find a Jew. It is finding water (di-Hydrogen Oxide) in the cells of every tumor during the post-mortem.

There's more at the link.  Go read.

I think a useful analogy can be drawn between this a posteriori anti-semitism and mathematical odds.  If one flips a coin, the mathematical odds of it landing "heads" or "tails" are 50-50.  If it should happen that it lands "heads" ten times in a row, that does not mean that it's more likely to land "tails" on the next flip because "the odds are against heads coming up again".  No, every single flip is a 50-50 chance, and previous flips have no bearing on those odds at all.  That's how casinos and games of chance make their money.  People don't understand the mathematics behind odds, and persist in putting their money on what they think is more likely to happen - even if it isn't.

In the same way, those who blame Jews for a particular problem are basing their claims on a repetition of past events.  If Jews were (allegedly) responsible for a string of difficulties or incidents or occurrences, then the odds that they'll be responsible for future ones of a similar nature are greatly increased, according to the anti-semites.  There are two strikes against that perspective:

  1. In the first place, one can seldom (if ever) prove that Jews were responsible for some or all of the previous incidents.  Those blaming them rely on the "Every. Single. Time" hypothesis, which cannot be rationally foreseen, and relies on after-the-fact conclusions that may not have any real foundation in fact.  They rely on inference, rather than on sober analysis of evidence in the light of reason.  Thus, blame may be (and frequently is) unfairly apportioned.
  2. Second, the 50-50 chance again applies.  Things happen whether or not people of a particular race, faith or ethnicity are involved.  A string of such events that are blamed (fairly or unfairly) on a particular group may, or may not, mean that the next such incident can also be blamed on that group - but one can never be sure.  It's not possible to know with certainty, in advance, that that'll be the case.

Are there "bad Jews"?  Sure there are - just as there are bad Christians, bad Muslims, bad Hindus, bad-whatever-faith-you-like out there.  We don't blame the group for the actions of the individual.  We blame the individual, and deal with them as such.

This extends to racism as well.  How many times have we heard people say that "all" blacks, or whites, or asians, or whatever, are criminal, or greedy, or patriarchal, or whatever, because many members of those groups exhibit such traits?  That's completely false, as even a moment's thought will illustrate.  It's not the race of the "bad guy" that matters, it's whether or not he's a bad guy in the first place!  Yes, there are areas such as gang-ridden inner-city slums where one would be foolish not to regard everyone of a given ethnicity as potentially a criminal, and be on one's guard - but that's not to say that all of them really are criminals.  That would be to imply that giants such as Clarence Thomas, or Thomas Sowell, are equally criminal (at least in potential) because they share their race with many gang-bangers and drug-dealers.  Nope.  We should not judge by the group.  We should judge by the individual.  We should do that when it comes to race, and also when it comes to religion.

Sadly, we often fail at that, because emotion can override reason, particularly in the presence of extremism.  I wrote about it in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Paris in 1915.  I stand by what I wrote then, and I think it's worth applying it to anti-semitism and our reactions to individual Jews.  I began:

I've seen war from the inside.  I've been under fire, and I've fired on others.  I've been wounded - one of my wife's early experiences after we married was to pick a piece of shrapnel out of my back as it finally worked its way out of my body - and I've inflicted my share of wounds.  I've picked up the dead, and the pieces of the dead.

Those aren't the worst aspects of violent conflict.  To me, the worst is what it does to the human psyche.  You become dehumanized.  Your enemies are no longer people - they're objects, things, targets.  You aren't shooting at John, whose mother is ill, and who's missing his girlfriend terribly, and who wants to marry her as soon as he can get home to do so.  You're shooting at that enemy over there, the one who'll surely 'do unto you' unless you 'do unto him' first.  He's not a human being.  He's a 'gook'.  He's 'the enemy'.  He's a thing rather than a person.  It's easier to shoot a thing than it is a person.  So, right now, our boys are 'in the sandbox' shooting 'ragheads'.  Their boys - those in Paris yesterday - were 'in the land of the infidels'.  Those in this country on 9/11/2001 were 'in the land of the Great Satan'.  They were - and still are - killing 'kaffirs', unbelievers . . . not human beings.

Go read the rest for yourself.  I hope it clarifies matters.

In closing, I'd like to bring in Rudyard Kipling.  He had an uncanny ability to use poetry to open our eyes to unspoken realities.  His poem "The Stranger", although obviously written from a pro-European and pro-Western perspective, illustrates the conundrum of bias and discrimination as few others have done.  Note how he acknowledges that "lies" and "badness" are on both sides of the equation - something few are willing to acknowledge.  (For an interesting analysis of Kipling's state of mind when he wrote this poem, see here.)

The Stranger within my gate,
  He may be true or kind,
 But he does not talk my talk—
  I cannot feel his mind.
 I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,
   But not the soul behind.

The men of my own stock
  They may do ill or well,
 But they tell the lies I am wonted to,
  They are used to the lies I tell.
 And we do not need interpreters
  When we go to buy and sell.

The Stranger within my gates,
   He may be evil or good,
 But I cannot tell what powers control—
  What reasons sway his mood;
 Nor when the Gods of his far-off land
  Shall repossess his blood.

The men of my own stock,
   Bitter bad they may be,
 But, at least, they hear the things I hear,
  And see the things I see;
 And whatever I think of them and their likes
  They think of the likes of me.

This was my father's belief
   And this is also mine:
 Let the corn be all one sheaf—
  And the grapes be all one vine,
 Ere our children's teeth are set on edge
  By bitter bread and wine.

Too many of us approach others out of that mindset.  It's at the root of anti-semitism, racism, and a host of other evils.  Because someone is "different" from what we're familiar with, we treat them differently from how we treat those who are "not different" - whether or not that's justified or justifiable.  I suggest that's at the root of anti-semitism, as well as other forms of discrimination.

Can anti-semitism be valid?  Based on cold, hard fact, I suggest not.  I'll leave the last word to Robert Heinlein.

What are the facts? Again and again and again – what are the facts? Shun wishful thinking, ignore divine revelation, forget what “the stars foretell,” avoid opinion, care not what the neighbors think, never mind the unguessable “verdict of history” – what are the facts, and to how many decimal places? You pilot always into an unknown future; facts are your single clue. Get the facts!

If we'd all do that, I suspect a lot of discrimination would be undone, because it would very rapidly become clear that it's not based on fact at all, but on emotion, prejudice and suspicion.  Too many of us always want someone to blame, someone we can hold responsible.  That's a whole lot easier to deal with than sifting through the evidence to find the truth.


EDITED TO ADD:  I see some commenters are making their (contrary) positions clear.  I'm going to let them have their say, because their blinkered perspective and refusal to face facts actually reinforces what I've said above.  Facts are stubborn things.  The only thing more stubborn is those who cling to what they claim are facts, but in fact are anything but.  They're nothing more than tired old shibboleths that cannot stand up to the weight of impartial, objective analysis - something anti-semites tend to avoid.



froginblender said...

A valiant effort, Peter, that is to be commended ... but sadly, doomed to fail.

We've seen some of your regular commenters pop up with the "Every.Single.Time." calumny whenever they see an opportunity. Of course, they never acknowledge the many instances where there is absolutely no chance of applying it. They simply ignore all data that contradicts their obsessive focus on the villains in their paranoid fantasy.

Once a person descends so deep into a rabbit hole that they abandon adherence to elementary logic, there is no coming back. At least I have never witnessed it.

I support their right to free speech and do not want to see them censored. However, attempting to engage them in rational discussion is a fool's errand, in my experience. Best to shun them. If enough people do, eventually they will go away of their own accord.

Randomatos said...

There is quite a gulf between random mechanical chance and intentional human behavior. You can't defang one fallacy by diverting to another. Arguing by analogy is just as specious as any other rhetorical argument.

MacD said...

Okay, boomer 👌

NA said...

I happened to come across this today (published last week) and it seems to be a fairly nuanced treatment of the topic:

No matter what it looks like at first glance, the Dodgers-Sisters story is a Catholic-Jewish battle best explicated by the sociological theory known as the Triple Melting Pot, which specifies that after three generations all immigrant groups assimilate according to religious belief, in particular by becoming Protestants, Catholics, or Jews. Like Yugoslavia, which had a similar tripartite division between Croats, Serbs, and Muslims, America has been a battlefield for warring ethnic factions from the beginning of the 20th century.

Bart Noir said...

You got my attention when embedding a link to 1915 events, but it turns out you are not quite that old.

Good words, as always. There is a reason I read your blog every day.

Bart Noir
Old gun is still . . . gun.

Chris Nelson said...

Let's talk reality, Peter.

Pointing out that a powerful sub-section of certain population is causing a significant problem, doesn't mean that the whole population is a problem.

Why do you no longer live in SA or in a large city in the USA? Is it racism or an acknowledgement of certain facts and statistics that may affect your life and property? Is it pattern recognition and survival? It's not the wicked among the Amish or the Mormons that caused you to flee, is it?

Whom among all groups of people are you not allowed to criticize individuals of openly or even notice, lest you be destroyed, even when they do great harm?

Just don't ask any questions about the statistical anomalies that exist between percentage of population and the percentage of people in power (media, government, finance) that are abusing that power...

Yeah, it's obviously the powerful elites of the "Mennonites" that we aren't supposed to recognize as bad actors.

Enjoy your district attorneys, DEI, ESG, "secure" elections and wokeness bought to you by the sharpest minds that the "Anabaptists" can offer. Please ignore the billions of dollars funding hundreds of groups hellbent on destroying any moral civilization. And the fact that criticizing an individual without bring up their group identity brings the rallying cry of the whole congregation, "You are an Anti-Mennonite, just like those Makhnovists!"

Glen Filthie said...


You’re so virtuous, Peter!!! So noble!!! But - don’t wrap yourself up in fake airs of moral superiority on my account! I ain’t drinking your koolaid.

Historically, every single country with large jewish populations within their borders ended up by expelling them and driving them out. I’m sure they’re all foolish haters and bigots too, right? And Germany started exterminating jews suddenly, and for no reason at all, right? God Himself spent the greater part of the Old Testament trying (and failing) to break the jews of their perfidious natures. He committed all kinds of genocide and antisemitisms before giving up and inventing a new religion. Is God a hater too, Pete?

The fact is jewish narratives actually fall apart with a decent fact check. The reason you won’t do one is that you’re afraid of what you’ll see come out of it.

Can’t blame ya for that, actually. It is a rabbit hole or a red pill I would rather have avoided.

JoshO said...

"Every.Single.Time." isn't always just in reference to Jews. Its used contextually, seen it used in reference to democrats, teachers, blackrock, the UN, could be in reference to any group of habitually rotten bastards whose deeds get noticed.

johnson said...

also like an idiot or joo yourself you pretend its a religion

Mind your own business said...

I've seen this topic raised time and time again on various blogs ... and am continually disappointed at the number of people who think their anti-semitism is justifiable, because ... reasons.

I've dropped visiting some, or visit much more infrequently. And am somewhat gobsmacked at how many anti-semites there are, even in America, the land of opportunity. So many stereotypically weak minds want scapegoats, I guess. It's a wonder the Klan isn't doing a more thriving business.

You and Eaton Rapids Joe provided some sanity and logic. Thank you.

boron said...

You should drop in on "The Burning Platform" blog every so often; many of the commenters are truly vicious, overt anti-Semites spewing their venom at all other commenters who might show the slightest tolerance of Jews and Israel.

Chuck Pergiel said...

I don't like the term anti-semite. It seems to apply solely to people who have something against jews, but semites are arabs and jews. I don't get it.

Peter said...

@Chuck Pergiel: I agree. "Semite" is a term for race and geographic origin rather than a religion. Unfortunately, it's become the accepted term for anti-Jewish bias, too, so I'm afraid we're stuck with it...

Quentin said...

Funnily enough, over here in the UK, it's the political left who are anti-Semitic. The Labour Party has recurring problems with it.

BGnad said...

I think that Kipling's Poem was addressing the tribal nature of the way humans see strangers.
I also think that most of us have a fairly limited scope as to how far we can actually stretch the boundaries of who we can see as tribe.
Then again I tend to think that a lot of the social-political manipulation we have experienced in the last few decades is aimed right at trimming that stretch down.
The whole 'antiemetic' trope seems to me to be a low cost effort to split the tribes up even more.

Peter B said...

The term "anti-semite" was first used, likely coined, by Wilhelm Marr, a 19th century German Leftist agitator. It meant as a scientific sounding word for "Jew hatred." Marr held that Jews were biologically prone to malevolent behavior, regardless of, say, conversion to Christianity.

Due to a key Soviet propaganda victory, fascism and German national socialism are now firmly identified as being of the Right, and anti-semitism is widely--and falsely--held to be of the Right.

Well over 75% of American Jews are not Torah observant, and old fashioned liberal Democrats are towards the political right of this population and tend to consider that the Democrat political platform exemplifies Jewish values. This may help explain bizarre things like Jews who support the Boycott, Divest, Sanction movement, which is hostile to Israel's existence, or loudly proclaim that "abortion is a Jewish value." Or call condemnation of Soros "anti-semitic."

In contrast, Torah observant (Orthodox) Jews have mostly supported Trump. They're also having children at well over replacement levels in contrast to Reform and Conservative Jews in the US, let alone non-affiliated American Jews.

Mind your own business said...

Those low IQ people who think history somehow validates their prejudice fail to realize that the long history of persecution is not a series of independent events, supporting their viewppoint, but one long continuing behavior by those ill-equiped or ill-motivated to compete economically or academically.

Once a rut develops in the road, each passing vehicle just makes it deeper and wider. Same goes for the malign thoughts in those brains. Same types of jerks making the same judgments based on previous prejudices passed down to them.

Anti-Jewish sentiment is just that same rut, being plowed time and time again, by people who can't see beyond the evidence that confirms their own bias. Sad little people. Losers.

It's kind of surprising to see that so much on the Right, since it also lives comfortably on the Left. We have Leftist Congresswomen who are as anti-semitic as they come ... usually first or second generation imports from some third world shithole where anti-semetism is the rule. E.g., the Squad; Ilhan Omar, AOC, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley. It was one of the big bugaboos of the Black Liberation groups too, who like to blame much of their problems on "the jooos." I guess a lot of blacks associate themselves with Islam as some sort of revolutionary religion. Malcolm X. Andrew Young. Jesse Jackson.

Same disease, different ends of the spectrum.

boron said...

There are a lot of Conservative Jews; Jews who didn't wait to be drafted, Jews who didn't run off to Canada, Jews who were proud to serve their country - until we ran into the anti-Semitic wall of superiors who did not allow a man to advance, let alone continue with his armed services career, only because he was Jewish, where a commanding officer gave each of his Jewish officers an OER that was shameful, essentially telling them, "Thanks for your time, but don't come back.
There was one who upon assuming his new command gathered them together after giving his welcoming speech and dismissing the rest told them to their faces, "I don't like having Jews in my command, I don't want Jews under my command. I've been brought up on charges several times - and found not guilty. Make of that what you will." That's a direct quote. And we still love and will defend to the death our country, the United States of America.
There were certain colleges that still today have a "Jewish quota". There are certain firms which will hire Jews - as bottle washers. There are certain fields which Jews need not even consider - they're just not wanted.
Jews know the answer from Islam - kill all the Jews - or make them converts or slaves. What astounds Jews is the answer from the "good Christians".

e said...

You start with 'hard core right'. That is a tell of weakness and untrustworthiness.

Kipling's poem supports separation of groups that don't fundamentally understand each other.

Your allegation that normal Whites think that 'all Whites are good' is false.

Given a choice between RAH (likely a sexual deviant) and the Bible....I'll take the Bible every time.

You are the one blinkered, not those who defy the mainstream brainwashing which you accept.

You lost this argument. It was not even close. The prior commentators trounced you.

Your pard,
MYOB, proffers the dullard
This tawdry card
Will bring no reward
When tossed into the dust of the yard
With those with the wit to guard
Their minds against the sayings of the tard
Even tho' ten thousand paid men speak as this bard

The Jew is your better
In shekels and letters
If you were more of a go-getter
Instead of an Irish Setter
His natural superiority is your fetter
Bow before him, for he is your better

When you put it as plain as that, it becomes something no man with spirit would accept. Especially, no American. Americans bow to King Jesus and no other.

But while it is laughable, is it true?

I asked an embarrassing question at Instapundit one time when they were speculating on who the next Supreme Court justice might be. Why not have a Baptist? SCOTUS is strictly RCC and Jews. Both groups are minorities.

Are Catholics innately superior in wit to Baptists of all varieties (fundamentalist independent, Southern, and other), Pentecostals, Nazarenes, Assemblies of God, Churches of Christ, Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians? What about LDS, and Mormons? Asatru, Wiccans, and Atheists?

To pose the question is to know its not true.

I'm not Church of Christ, but their focus on figuring out the specific meaning of verses seems to me to be an excellent practise for judges. I would suspect that the avg CoC judge would be better than the avg RCC judge based on that intellectualism and textual study.

We don't live in a strict meritocracy as MYOB implies we do.

However, lets go another step. Would there be anything wrong with a Baptist group trying to get a Baptist judge? No.

I do not expect logic to reach you. Logic is rare in the human condition. It is okay to be White.

Anonymous said...

"...the long history of persecution is not a series of independent events, supporting their viewppoint[sic], but one long continuing behavior by those ill-equiped[sic] or ill-motivated to compete economically or academically."

Yes. It's a record of "continu[ous]", unremitting, endlessly discivilizational behavior by a group of people whose entire identity is a lie. They identify with the people of Abraham, but call themselves Jews after the tribe of Judah. But the religion and people God chose and created had 12 tribes. Not one. And when the second temple fell, that religion was revealed to have either been a lie, or to have been fulfilled in Christ Jesus. The pharisees and Sadducees knew this, and created a new religion to cope, which might as well be called talmudism. Jews since 200ad have about as much in common with Abraham as Osama Bin Laden did.

Just as blacks can be smart, and good people, like Thomas Sowell or Clarence Thomas, or Frederick Douglass, so too can talmudists be good decent people. But that doesn't change the macro, which is that blacks are violent and have a lower mean IQ, and Jews are an insular, discivilizational group of hypernepotistic gammas, with a gamma's inherently inflated sense of self-worth. They have a homeland. It's stolen, technically, but it's theirs. Israel. They should go there. May God bless them on their journey.

Mike Hendrix said...

"The whole 'anti(s)emetic' trope seems to me to be a low cost effort to split the tribes up even more."


It's the Leftism, stupid, not ((((Dem Pesky JOOOOOOZ!))) But sure, let's all chase our tails bleating about (((The Tribe))) instead, that'll be just as good and a whole lot more fun to boot.

MacD said...

Almost no one here wants to address the question as to why this terrible thing even exists. We are told by Peter that it's a bad thing and one must not criticize them. We've been brow beaten by Hollywood and the media into submission.Time to start thinking.

MacD said...

What Anne Frank and Leo Frank Teach Us About Jewish Mendacity, and Where Both Germans and White Americans Failed with the Jewish Question

Peter said...

Folks, if you really want to read complete, utter, unadulterated CRAP, follow the link provided by MacD above. I've just been there. I couldn't finish it. It's hysterical, knee-jerk, persecution-complex paranoia if ever I read any. Facts? What facts? My mind's made up! Don't confuse me with the facts!

However, it does illustrate just how way out there anti-semites can get.


Anonymous said...

I'm a conservative. Maybe I'm blind, but all the violent attacks I'VE SEEN on our Jewish neighbors, especially. IN large urban areas, have been from the radical Left. But I admit, I could be wrong. SO PROVE IT, Peter. Gimme a LIST of all the Right-wing attacks on Jews, JUST for being Jewish. Chronological order will be fine, say the last 10 years? I'll just sit over here, Brother. Waiting....

Anonymous said...

Because Jews are an easily distinguishable group that tend to value education and tend to be somewhat clannish, and so people sieze on them as a scapegoat when things go wrong because they make an easy target.

Of course, I know that's not the analysis you want to hear, but it's the truth.

Anonymous said...

That was a lot of words to say "I didn't get what I thought I deserved out of life, and instead of taking responsibility for it I'm going to whine about people who have what I want."

You sound like a BLM activist talking about white people or a feminist talking about the patriarchy.

Aesop said...

There you go speaking common sense again Peter.
Best wishes with that plan.

You can't argue people out of a position with common sense and logic, that they didn't get into using common sense and logic.

McChuck said...

Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield
works best when you don't blind yourself to unpleasant realities.

Blacks are not Whites.
Jews are not Christians.
Mexicans are not Americans.
Women are not men.
Men are not women.
Children are not adults.
Adults are not children.

Different people are different. Anybody who says otherwise is either speaking nonsense or attempting to gaslight you.

J. C. Salomon said...

Not being used to “nuanced” and “Unz” being used together, I read the article.

Seems the gentleman has rather reasonable objections to certain things happening within a nominally-Catholic university.

But whom to blame? Some heretical group within the Church, or the University, or some issue which catholicism might need to introspect about? No; that would be too obvious. This gentleman is deeply thoughtful and has found the real culprits, and you’ll never guess who they are…

… the jooz!

What’s that you say? Once the URL began with “unz” it was already obvious that we’d be blamed for whatever-the-issue-is? But “NA” has assured me this is a “fairly nuanced treatment”, and not at all their usual drivel. Oh, well.

J. C. Salomon said...

It’s the term German Jew-haters of the 19th c. created, to give pseudo-scientific gravitas to mere judenhass. I’ve no objection to replacing it with the much blunter “Jew-hatred”.

J. C. Salomon said...

I suspect you are blind; or at least illiterate. This blog post is not about physical attacks (which, as you point out, are currently coming from Left-enabled and/or -inspired elements in American society) but about the increasing attempts to normalize Jew-hatred within the Right. The comments to this post illustrate its point.

boron said...

Thank you, Peter, for having the courage to open up this huge can of worms (and the noisome filth upon which they feed).

I think that the biggest error that the majority of non-Jews make is that the Jewish goy (goy in its original and proper meaning of "nation" or in this case: "people") is/are a monolithic structure directed by rabbis addressing/controlling their congregations from the bema; nothing could be further from the truth.

From my vantage of four-score plus years on this little mudball, the only glue I've encountered is that all were born of a Jewish mother (or converted - rare), believe in one G-d (the exact same Supreme Being in whom Jesus believed), and follow the Ten Commandments (some moreso, some not so much).

Attendance at shul: some go three or more times a day, some go three times a year, maybe.
Keeping kosher: some employ four sets of eating utensils and plates, some have bacon and eggs for breakfast and lobster for dinner.
Political opinion: from the CPI and the New People's Army on the Left whose bible is Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" to the Aryan Nations and the John Birch Society whose bible is Cameron's "The International Jew".
Not exactly what I would consider a monolithic group.

Again thanks for the exposé; it takes a very brave and a very intelligent man to do so, and it takes far more than just Pandora's curiosity to open the pithos

Mind your own business said...

e fails utterly by creating a strawman argument (and weak bad poetry).
Nobody said anyone was better than anyone else, or had to bow down to anyone else.

But it is a fact the Hasidic Jews have a higher median IQ than the average person. Why is that? One can point to a host of environmental and genetic reasons. We could say the same for the Asian immigrants to this country. I'd bet they outperform the people from their origin countries.

Does that make them better? No, it makes them smarter. Better is only a measure of character (in which the anti-semites come up short) not intelligence nor wealth nor power.

Do you have to bow down to them? No, but you do have to compete with them in education and business and other things relevant to economic success. Whining that they are more successful is another measure of lack of good character.

BTW, keep your bullsh*t Christian religion out of it. I could care less what the various mongrel Christian factions have to say, because most of them are bat-sh*t crazy anyway. Their own history has been nothing to be proud of. And no, I'm not Jewih either. I bow to NOBODY, not even your fictitious savior.

Eric Wilner said...

Side note, for those wondering why Jews are over-represented in some prominent areas.
Aside from historical factors that once forced Jews into certain then-disreputable occupations (such as banking and medicine), see part 2 of Black Rednecks and White Liberals, wherein Sowell reveals the Secret of the Jews... a secret shared by some other cultures, which enables certain groups to rise from abject poverty to prominence and prosperity in just a few generations. Those groups are pretty much defined by following particular rules - simple rules, but requiring multi-generational discipline and forward thinking.
These rules are available to all (and shouted from the rooftops by some), but living by them is greatly facilitated by being part of a community that has embraced them as part of its culture. Pop culture and Marxism, meanwhile, attack exactly the rules needed for long-term success.

boron said...

@ Mind your own business:
It isn't just the Hasidim with a higher IQ, which, in itself means nothing (just another god to which we bow down), this, in essence, might just prove Darwin's theory correct.

When you have a group of people who've been persecuted and murdered for their adherence to their beliefs for over two millenia, you tend to weed out the stupid ones reducing their DNA within the population.

Anonymous said...

Eh. I wasn’t at all antiemetic, until I was repeatedly accused of antisemitism for valid criticisms of public figures.

I have no issue with most Jews, especially the more orthodox sects.

But I do have an issue with the culturally Jewish individuals who revere Leviathan instead of God.
This group has used tribalism to gain a disproportionate representation in positions in influence.

I did not know that everyone at every level who signed off approving the Mar-a-Lago raid was Jewish (heavy on the “ish”) until I was condemned as antisemitic for criticizing it.

The issue is not Jews per se, but those who call Good Evil, and Evil Good. That said, the (nominal) Jews pursuing these ends act with a solidarity that’s disturbingly effective.

Aesop said...


No small number also eat bacon.

A friend within the subset under discussion earnestly assured me this was permissible for him since "the pig was circumcised"!

"Anybody who judges by the group is a peawit." - Sgt. Buster Kilrain, The Killer Angels

wolfwalker said...

Peter: "Because someone is "different" from what we're familiar with, we treat them differently from how we treat those who are "not different" - whether or not that's justified or justifiable. I suggest that's at the root of anti-semitism, as well as other forms of discrimination."

It's at the core of at least half the problems Homo sapiens has faced throughout its history. One of the down sides of the way we evolved is that we traded instinctive behavior for learned behavior, but we've lost those instincts piecemeal, and now the basic human psyche is as full of holes as a chunk of Swiss cheese. One of the holes is that we retain an instinctive distrust of "the Other", but we have to be taught who or what "the Other" is. Unless we're taught right from a very young age, that fear of the Other crystallizes into bigotry. It might be anti-semitism, in which "the Other" is Jews. Or racism, in which "the Other" is people of a darker (or lighter) skin tone. Or pretty much any other "ism" you can name.

As for anti-semitism specifically: Jewish culture and their history of persecution combine to make them stand out wherever they go. Jews value education, which means they tend toward careers that rely on education, such as medicine and law. For several centuries, Christians were not allowed to be bankers, because charging interest is "usury," and Church doctrine didn't allow Christian businessmen to do that. But Jews weren't bound by that rule, so Jews could be bankers, and many were. Jews couldn't be rulers themselves, but the ruling class still needed services like medicine and banking - services that could only be provided by Jews, and so you found a lot of Jews in close association with rulers. On top of all that, Jews who keep the Commandments tend to stick together and form small enclaves that stand out against the surrounding non-Jewish culture. Well-educated, wealthy, politically connected, and visibly different -- bigotry against them was inevitable. Stupid, foolish, and completely wrong, but inevitable all the same.

boron said...

@ Anonymous
You are an anti-Semite (as you like to prove) and you're (mis)using this blog to start a fight - deliberately.
Why do I say this:
"I did not know that was Jewish..."
The two most important figures who instigated he Mar-a-Lago raid, who are involved in this abortion of our Constitution, and who are turning our Country into a Third World ... are ex-Pres Obama and the current POTUS Biden - are they Jewish, too?
Please provide the other commenters with a complete list of "everyone at every level who signed off approving the Mar-a-Lago raid..."

e said...

It was slapdash poetry, but that doesn't matter because its point was going toward the truth. MYOB struggles pedantically to get off the tip of the sword without admitting the stab to his guts.

MYOB retruns to his dullard's canard. Jews be real smaht. As Vox Day pointed out, if the avg IQ of Israel is 115, then Israel should be Wakanda, but it isn't.

I live in a world in which senators of long service proclaim with deepest sincerity that Trump did not win the past election. I know that they know they are lying. Yet, still they lie.

Jews say they are real smaht. Good thing no one ever lied about their talents before. Otherwise you'd be forced to doubt that I had eight Nobel prizes in science (I rejected the Peace Prize as tainted by past association). I store my Nobel Prizes right next to my Oscars and my Millenium Prizes.

I live in a world in which much of what I am told, I am uncertain of as we wade in a sea of lies.

Lastly, if you want to say 'fictitious savior' and 'bullshit Christian religion', I can heartily recc'd others ignore you as not worth the time. Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Savior of Mankind, and He is the Truth. Reject Him, and you choose lies and insanity.

bravokilo said...

> anti-semitism among hard-core conservative and right-wing movements
The movements aren't right-wing; that would be incompatible with anti-semitism.
I call BS unless you name these so-called anti-semitic right-wing movements.

Anonymous said...

According to your pals Obama and Biden must be Jewish, because they approved the maralago raid, and criticizing that raid is antisemitism according to your pals in the media and the ADL. Work on reading comprehension.

Anonymous said...

Criticizing globalism is antisemitism, per the ADL, the New York Times, and even National Review, though they phrased it slightly differently. Therefore, Jews and globalism are the same thing, per those same authorities. I hate globalists. QED.
They, and their defenders, should go live in Israel.


Peter - first, as a Zionist Jew - thank you for this.

Now, to address some individuals, either positively or not:

@froginablender: Correct. People inclined to hate Jews are subject to confirmation bias and ignore the data that contradicts. And yes, let them speak. That doesn't mean we need to listen.

@Glen Filthie: Jews, as a people in exile from Israel, were "middlemen minorities" as described by Sowell:

In Weimar Germany, for example, per Walter E. Williams, Jews were a percent or two of the population. They were also a disproportionate amount of the lawyers, doctors, and bankers - and thus aroused significant jealously. Now, to be fair in this, there were also quite a lot of negative businesses; I am just learning over the last few months about the sex clubs, the gay stuff, and even institutes researching sex change surgeries, and many owned by Jewish businessmen (whom, I would argue without evidence in either direction) would fall under the "Plopping Jew" category. In an arm waving way, that the Jewish people I know are vastly different than they. For example, the local Orthodox Rabbi is exceedingly doctrinaire. Were someone to tell me that he had money in, for example, gay porn studios, it'd be totally out of character for him. The same with a very good friend of mine in Israel; modern Orthodox, if someone said that he ran a topless cabaret on the side, I'd be floored.

Middlemen minorities, Jewish or not, tend to succeed because of drive and tribe-focused culture. There's a story, not about a Jew, from the Atlantic magazine from decades ago when my mother subscribed me to it as a teen. A Hmong refugee in Wisconsin landed with the shirt on his back, but with hard work and drive and community support succeeded and prospered. One day he was questioned by a black guy who, after learning his history, said "You've been here for ten years and you have all this"? The Hmong guy replied "You've been here your whole life, how come you don't"? Envy is a powerful thing, a sin, actually, and it's easier to hate someone more successful than to learn from them and try to emulate them.

@JoshO: The roots of so many ills in our society are from liberalism and it's parallel abandonment of both G-d and, more broadly, self restraint.

@Quentin: The political Left here in the US too. The switch on support of Israel is telling. When Israel was founded the world not only supported Israel because of the Shoah, but understood that it was the Arab world against a small state. Thanks to the KGB, that perception was shifted to being BIG Israel against the little Palestinians.

Proceed to Part 2:


Part 2:

@PeterB: I would agree about being Torah observant, but there's an additional wrinkle: the Torah vs. the Talmud. I've read the former, only glanced at the latter, but the Torah and Talmud diverge on some notable things. For example, in Leviticus there is a clear, black and white prohibition against gay sex. The Talmud, however, proposes eight genders. One of the things I need to understand is how one gets from the former to the latter without N-dimensional, Mobius-strip logic. Another example is a snippet that says murder of a non-Jew is (at least) not a huge crime. But the Sixth Commandment is clear: THOU SHALT NOT MURDER. It makes no exceptions. Again, how does one go from the Torah to the Talmud, which contradicts the former?

Also, see below on the Times of Israel and the Rabbi's comments about masking liberalism inside Judaism; he also chimes in about Soros:

@Mind your own business: An interesting insight about ruts (and, again, confirmation bias). And I'll opine that one of the reasons why people rush to blame Jews for (insert bad thing here) is that by putting the blame solely on the Jews, it helps absolve people of other groups so they don't need to call their own to account. Speaking of, I wrote this to attempt to call my fellow Jews to account on their migration-philia:

@boron: I was born in the USA. My father's side has been here since JAMESTOWN. I have multiple Revolutionary War ancestors (including one who crossed the Delaware with Washington). My genetics have, to some degree, been here longer than people who say I am a stranger here who needs to leave. Huh? My surname arrived in the 1600s.

@Mike Hendrix: Yes, divide and conquer. Oldest (?) trick in the book. And, as I said above, a convenient way to avoid policing your own by saying it's all the fault of (points at out-group over there). Also HT to one of the @Anonymous.

@Aesop: As I've said and quoted, "You cannot argue logically with a conclusion arrived at emotionally".

@J.C. Solomon: Shalom Aleichem!

@boron (again): See the Plopping Jews video, below. And do remember the trope "One subject, two Jews, you'll get three opinions in four minutes". :) Heck, I remember one Passover service at a friend's house where, in reading the Haggadah, we argued over different arguments about how many plagues REALLY were imposed on Egypt. I.e., we argued about arguments. Some monolithic group!

@Mind your own business: There is some evidence of genetics; there's also a lot of culture. Most (particularly Orthodox) households have free-for-all discussions at the dinner table. And while I can't say that happens in my house - alas - I do challenge my kids to THINK. For example, yesterday my son whined like a stuck pig at my taking him to martial arts when he wanted to play video games. But coming out, he was in a good mood. I asked him "Did you enjoy it after all"? and he said yes, and then he said "Just don't say the 'Dad lesson'". I replied that I didn't need to say it as he'd already thought of it, which prompted this amazed and annoyed look as he realized what I'd done - making him think of it on his own. :D

@Eric Wilner: Thank you for mentioning that chapter of Sowell.

Proceed to part 3:


Part 4:

In closing, there's a great video by (Jewish) comedian Evan Sayet, entitled "Plopping Jews". He's right. The vast majority of Jews are Jewish because they plopped out of a Jewish womb, not because they believe anything specifically Jewish.

There are two other wrinkles here. First, even the so-called religious Jews (i.e., Reform and even most Conservative) are liberals, and thus mask their liberalism with Judaism, as this Orthodox Rabbi observes:

But the question of why so many Jews are liberal remains unanswered. I'd like to put up an observation. Daniel Greenfield, of, had an essay some years ago about how the waves of immigrants to the US mostly settled in the cities, where teachers - liberals - viewed this as their chance to make them "good" Americans. I.e., Democrats. And it worked. Whether Irish or Italian Catholic, or Jewish, or other, their children fell into the clutches of these teachers who - even then - understood that to seize the minds of the young was to capture entire populations long term.

Jews were not an exception in this. Orthodox Judaism is extremely conservative, as Sayet noted. Many Orthodox in NYC voted Trump; I used to have a video of a crowd of Orthodox Jews where a person said "Siri, who is the President of the United States"? and Siri said "Donald Trump is the President of the United States"... and the entire crowd cheered and jumped like they'd just witnessed their baseball team score a grand slam.

Wishing everyone - even those who don't like us - a good weekend.

Peter said...

@Nitzakhon: You left out Part 3. Please re-post. Thanks!

Eric Wilner said...

@Nitzakhon: "free-for-all discussions at the dinner table" - I can imagine. While I missed out on a Jewish upbringing (my mother having left the religion, and most of the culture, behind when she left the nest), I've learned over the years that there's nothing like an hour in a roomful of Jews to give the ol' noggin a good workout.


Part 3

@Anonymous: I don't just criticize my fellow Jews (*cough ADL, Soros, Spectre*) I want to be the one who pulls the lever to drop them through the platform.

@Anonymous: The Dome of the Rock is built on top of our Temple Mount, but it's stolen??? The land was mostly empty desert in the 1800s; it was the Jews and the Zionist movement that created the economic demand for labor, which then pulled in Arabs from surrounding countries.

@Aesop: I make a "spirited attempt" to keep kosher. Difficult where I live, and doubly-so as my non-Jewish wife (long story) rolls her eyes. But my son, especially, understands and - for example - has refused cheeseburgers because they're mixing milk and meat. Now if only I can get my daughter to stop with the damned pepperoni pizza.

@wolfwalker: Correct in the history. Now, I will say that Jewish bankers did themselves and our community no favors by charging exorbitant rates (e.g., in Weimar). There's a proverb from a book I got for my Bar Mitzvah:

"A Jew must never cheat a fellow Jew, for that is harm of our own community. But a Jew must absolutely never cheat a non-Jew, for that harms our reputation in the world."

Sage words.

Proceed to part 4:


An additional thought on screaming ANTI-SEMITISM at everything. It weakens genuine calling out of anti-Semitism. When it's everything, it becomes nothing.

Soros, for example, is a POS. He's as kosher as bacon-wrapped scallops in butter sauce. As I've said, I dream of being the one to pull the trapdoor lever on him.

Criticism of him, or of Jewish support for migration or abortion / LGBT is not - I repeat - NOT anti-Semitism.

A Pinochet said...

The ADL has made some nasty statements about alleged and unfounded 'White Supremacy' and going so far as to fabricate such statistics, but no one calls them out on it. I guess you Peter fleeing a country where whites are persecuted by the majority black communist regime you are okay with the behavior of the ADL. No prominent Republican or Democrat will criticize the ADL on this issue.

Peter said...

To those readers who criticize my views on anti-semitism: you're as entitled to your opinions as I am to mine, but please BACK UP YOUR OPINIONS WITH FACTS AND RATIONAL ARGUMENT - not knee-jerk "blame the author" attitudes such as that expressed by A Pinochet above. You don't know my mind, and don't speak for me, so kindly don't put words into my mouth that you've never heard from me. I, for my part, will do the same for you, and try my best to ensure that the views of anti-semites that I discussed in this blog post accurately reflect what they say they mean.

Get the facts!

froginblender said...


One way to look at the Democratic party is as an ethnic coalition of Catholics, Jews, Blacks, against the majority WASP power structure.

It's not a perfect fit to reality, but it makes some sense when you look at Biden (Catholic Irish), Pelosi (Catholic Italian), Schumer (New York Jew), and Clyburn (kingmaker, general marshaling the "black vote").

Some of the blatant antisemitism currently found in the Democratic party comes from Blacks demanding more power at the expense of the declining Jewish demographic share -- and of course the uncomfortable addition of the Muslims to the coalition.


@A Pinochet:

Sadly, you are right. Most pols are scared of the ADL's power, whether they're correct or not. And in this Jew's opinion, they're not... more often than when they are correct.

IIRC the ADL was founded to protect a (guilty) Jewish pedo. Assuming this is correct, then the ADL's very founding was WRONG and IMHO contrary to Hashem's Law.

Heck, at shul I sometimes get into trouble voicing criticism of the ADL, or "tikkun olam" (see * below) or such. I'm at odds with my Rabbi over his SJW-ness and in particular over his support of PRIDE. Gag me. I can't wait until the kids are done with their Bat / Bar Mitzvahs so we can ditch that place, but they're in the ramp up to those milestones and switching would be very difficult.


@froginablender: That's an interesting perspective. Certainly, each group you named has been "on the outside looking in" at one time or another.

As far as the Left and the Muslims... warm bodies vote, and from an electoral standpoint it makes sense to curry favor with an up-and-growing demographic. I have a cartoon about that and will - @peter please look at Gab for a post that tags you - post it for Peter's consideration / awareness, along with my other Jews and politics cartoon.

(Note: My concept, professional artist.)

Anonymous said...

I got no criticism, I'm not interested in somebody's heredity, but where their head's at, philosophically. Himmler, anyone? But please list violent attacks ( the only ones that matter- sticks & stone, etc) by actual right-wing / conservative people? Cuz what I see are BLM/ANTIFA types getting their rocks off beating on older white/Jewish men and women, usually in packs....

Glen Filthie said...


HAR HAR HAR!!! Pull my other finger, you old fart!

You start off by calling me an idiot and saying that if I don't agree with you, it's because I am stupid and mean. And you think that I am going to go through the hoops to collate, summarize, and hand in my homework for you to judge when you are too stupid and lazy to do your own? Not a chance, I have been down that road with other retards (you know who you are) too often! HAR HAR HAR! :)

Tell ya what, Pete. Go pick up a copy of the New York Times. READ IT. Look at the nastiest, vilest antiwhite agitprop crap they publish - the stuff you say doesn't exist. Note the Sarah's and Rebecca's and the big noses that write it. Note who owns the NYT and 95% of the mass media. Rinse and repeat with your other fact sources. Questions will start to form.

Go on Gab. Start fact checking the "antisemitic" stuff. Much of it will be crap. But a lot of it will leave you asking more questions. You'll be told you are stupid, hateful and mean to ask those questions. An antisemite. You'll start to see patterns: Mel Gibson says that Hollywood is run by a bunch of corrupt powerful jews - and gets cancelled by corrupt, powerful jews. It'll probably take a year of stuff like that before you start being forced to concede that those patterns exist and change your opinion. I suppose I shouldn't be a dink - I used to think exactly as you did.

Or you can skip all that, let the mass media do your thinking and mindlessly parrot what they tell you to think as Aesop does - but that doesn't work for him either. If some stupid old farts want to think their domestic enemies don't exist, it won't matter much in the scheme of things. We have passed the point of no return and the die have been cast, I suppose.

froginblender said...

@Anonymous at 8:49 AM

There are others, you can find them yourself easily.

Peter said...

@Glen Filthie: Glen, you make me feel tired all over. You beclowned yourself over our discussion about hobby-grade drone aircraft some years ago, denying that it was possible for them to pose any sort of threat to anyone. Well, time has proved that our speculation was correct. Everything we predicted has happened, and more, and your denials that it was possible have been comprehensively debunked. I haven't noticed you apologizing for that... but then, I suppose you don't do much apologizing at all.

You said: "And you think that I am going to go through the hoops to collate, summarize, and hand in my homework for you to judge when you are too stupid and lazy to do your own?" No, I don't expect that from you. I do expect it from rational, logical debaters, but you've demonstrated repeatedly that you don't belong to that group. As for me being "too stupid and lazy to do [my] own", if you bothered to read my article above, you'd find that I did do my own research, and cited it several times. That's the way I roll on this blog: I study something, get supporting material, and provide it. You don't.

I know my words won't get through to you. Not much does get through to you. Sadly, that's your own fault, because you stubbornly refuse to inform yourself about the facts of the matter. Well, that's your choice. Please don't inflict more of that on us here. I'll be deleting your comments unread.

Anonymous said...

Foolish Boomer or Shabbos Goy?
Is there a difference?

Etaoin Shrdlu said...

Many comments.

I'll just add my two bits worth.

First, Jewish people are known for helping one another. So what! An individual or groups of any race, group or sect can go very bad. Sometimes that can work out in ideas and acts which utterly contradict the foundational thinking of that sect, as in "be kind to the stranger among you". That likely means they have apostatized from whatever was good in their origins. But so what! None of that justifies animosity to their people at large!

And more particularly, if someone identifies as a follower of the Jewish Messiah, and hates the people from whom He came, whom He loved, and whom God created to be custodians of the "oracles of God" as Paul called them, and who are preserved even now for the consummation of God's plans, is just insane, and is every bit as satanically inspired as is the Ishmaelites' attempt to highjack the covenant promises made to Isaac and Jacob.

There, I said it, hatred of Jews is Satanically inspired.

Doonhamer said...

Thank you Peter for those sensible words. I am not Jewish, just a North European mongrel, a result of many migrations, invasions, etc.
I think that being the "stranger" in another land, culture, religion, which I have been lucky enough to have done, and not as a cocooned tourist, teaches you that people are the same the world over. The children will stare, maybe even want to touch, the adults will be wary. However with simple courtesy and respect (Take the sun glasses off) you do make friends.

Anonymous said...

He wasn't "Jewish". He was a Hebrew, of the tribe of Benjamin, and he despised his days' equivalent of the "Talmud". Distrusting and disliking (hatred is a bit extreme) modern talmudists is no different than Jesus despising the pharisees. Or people from Jerusalem despising the Samaritans. Nice try. Next?

Anonymous said...

My opinion? Y'all call a lot of stuff "anti-Semitic" when... it isn't. I like Johnny Depp's movies. I wouldn't want him living in my house. He has a house. Several, actually. Am I anti-Johnny Depp for feeling that way? No. I'm not anti-black for not wanting to live in Baltimore, either. Personally, I'm of the opinion that anyone whose ancestors didn't fight in (latest) the Spanish -American war has no business here. Ideally ancestry ought to have fought in the war for independence, or the war of 1812. Heritage Americans, in other words. But I'm not anti-whatever. Just a student of history. Martin van-crevald is one of my heroes. I still wouldn't let him be an American citizen. Only in clown world does that make me a racist.


@Anonymous at 7:30 AM: I have FOUR Revolutionary War ancestors. Two confirmed with records tying me to them, one of those crossed the Delaware with Washington. I have at least one Mayflower ancestor; the one I have confirmed with records actually came over to Jamestown before that. I have one more I believe I'm tied to, but haven't sunk the time to connect me to them. My surname came over in the 1600s.

Good enough?