Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Living in a crime-ridden society


Francis Porretto has some sage advice.

With religion in decline – the aging of congregations everywhere would convince a man from Mars that it’s strictly for the nursing-home set – internal constraints are declining as well. The predominant ethical question is no longer “Is it wrong?” but “Can I get away with it?”

Atop that, the dearly departed and deeply missed Ol’ Remus has told us, more than once and in big letters, to stay away from cities and other sources of crowds. People’s inhibitions against violence and predation tend to weaken when immersed in a crowd. And these days, because of other social and economic trends that deserve an essay or two of their own, crowds are more difficult to avoid than ever before.

Last for today, we’ve permitted ingress to these shores by millions of savages. Yes, I mean that as it appears: hordes of persons with no conception of right and wrong. Many of them don’t even ask “Can I get away with it?” They see; they want; they take – and woe betide the decent citizen who uses force against them. The “authorities” are nearly always on the savages’ side.

Given all that, is it really surprising that America is awash in crime of every variety? Indeed, wouldn’t it be far more surprising if the nation were as peaceful and law-abiding today as it was in, say, 1950? You know, back when we had actual men.

I think the point has been established. There is no safety for person or property at this time. Current trends continuing, matters will get worse, not better. Therefore, whenever you leave your home for any reason, even for a quick trip to the corner store, go armed. Your personal weapon might be the only thing that saves a life – and not necessarily your own.

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I agree.  I carry a gun whenever I leave the house:  and even when I'm at home, I'm never far from a loaded gun that I can use to stop a home invasion style robbery.  They're few and far between where I live, but that doesn't mean that a wandering criminal looking for a target of opportunity may not stop by my residence.  If he does, I hope to make him regret his choice of victim.

If you live in a town, or a state, that restricts your right and/or ability to carry a weapon to defend yourself against criminals, it's high time you moved somewhere that does.  Remember my frequent warnings to leave Big Blue cities and states?  There's a reason for that warning.  Such places will actively seek to retaliate against those who defend themselves against crime, because the powers that be in those places are on the side of the criminals.  In extreme examples like Chicago, candidates for local political office even reach out to criminal gangs to seek their support!  The quid pro quo that they offer is to make it easier for those gangs to operate, even at the expense of honest citizens.  Why would anyone want to live in the midst of such insanity?

As for the police . . . even in common-sense communities, reaction times for police to respond to an emergency call range from several minutes to meaningful fractions of an hour.  During that time, you're on your own - and a criminal who's bent on violent assault can do an awful lot of damage to you and yours while you're waiting.  The cops might arrive only in time to take you and your family to the morgue.

Arm yourself, get sufficient training and practice to be proficient in defending yourself if necessary, and be prepared to do so.  That's the world we live in, courtesy of our politicians.  They won't do anything to solve it - so it's up to us.



Michael said...

“SILENT ENIM LEGES INTER ARMA” — Cicero (“Laws are silent in time of war”)

Why do we insist that the Constitution and its protections still apply? If your blessed with a real court and dismissed a Fed Civil Rights court awaits.

Ask Rittenhouse about that, his second case of violating a known criminal and pedophile's "Civil Rights" is still open? Media has been quiet about that one lately.

Protect your family, all killhouse rules are in effect.

Hamsterman said...

I'm old enough to remember the 70's, and it is beyond me why choices are being made to bring back those days of malevolent neglect and violence.

Glypto Dropem said...

If you live in a rural area as I do and have to defend yourself, your family, or your castle then do not call the police after the perp(s) are dead. Drag their piece of shit remains far out into the wilderness and let nature take its course.

Anonymous said...

Our Sheriff, accompanied by the D.A., recently held a meeting at the local fire hall to discuss the crime situation in our very rural Oregon county.

There was a detailed and nuanced discussion of what to do if you're holding a trespasser at gunpoint.

D.A.: "You can't shoot a man who's running away, but if he's coming at you, and you're in fear for your life..."

Sheriff: "I'll want documentation. Game trail cams, cell phone videos, anything."

Anonymous said...

We live in small quiet town. Crime and assaults are, thankfully, extremely rare. However our police dept goes home at night. It may be awhile before they show up to handle any incident. We always carry, and more are at hand.
Old Hermit

Anonymous said...

Agree with all said.
I wish the author would have specified Christianity instead of using the word "religion." There is no shortage of false religious beliefs and Biblical Christianity is the only answer to society's troubles.

Anonymous said...

We live in rural Maine. Two punks were breaking into a neighbor's cabin up the mountain from my farm, so I grabbed a rifle, went to my other neighbor's house to get him to help me since the punks were breaking into a relative of his. He refused to help, so I went up there alone, and I was an old woman back then......they saw me coming with a rifle and took off. But I had called 911; it took 42 minutes for them to show up and it was all over by then. This was 15 or so years ago. I never called 911 again.

Mind your own business said...

Also in a quiet rural area, but within 15 miles of the intersection of two major interstates.

I have motion sensor alarms on my long driveway that sound chimes in the house. My German Shepherds are very attuned to those chimes and alert on them. And I have loaded firearms in easy reach on every floor of my house. When I go out to town, I carry.

While infrequent (it's happened at least three times in the past 4 years), when I encounter some really sketchy individuals, it is usually at gas stations near the interstates or the local Walmart, where they are begging for someone to buy them gas or groceries. Sometimes they got belligerent and verbally aggressive. Interestingly enough, they have always been foreigners (strong accented English).

We did have one fellow drive his car up our dead-end dirt road one morning with a tire that had clearly gone flat many miles back. Front wheel drive and the wheel was ruined. Eventually, his car couldn't move forward or back and was blocking the road (which is a lane and a half wide at best). He started yelling for help out on the road. Several neighbors responded, and one helped pull him out of the way with their truck and a chain, enough for people to get by and get to work. I stood by and watched with a rifle to make sure he didn't do anything untoward to them. His story about why he was where he was made no sense. The State Police were called, and showed up about 40 minutes later. A flatbed truck was eventually dispatched to take his vehicle away. Rumor has it that the Trooper arrested him, because the vehicle never showed up at the local garage. Drugs? We never found out. My neighbors later teased me about being armed, but in truth I think they were appreciative.

Beans said...

One thing to remember. Even in the best community the local prosecutor or state attorney is an elected position, so those who can game the election system will win. (Like promising the poor section of the area special courtesies if the candidate wins.)

This is how even in strong individual freedom states you get prosecutors who jump at the chance to charge a good self defense defender for crimes, usually 6 weeks to 6 months after the incident drops off the media radar.

Will said...

Bear in mind that the Supreme Court ruled back in the 90's that it was ok to only hire low IQ police officers. At this point, the blue cities have stupid people in charge of stupid cops.

Another problem is having cops show up on a 911 call without lights or siren, and then stand around and wait for the gangsters to leave the occupied house that called for help.

MNW said...

The courts have ruled twice that the police are not liable if they do nothing. First was a woman who discovered the restrainig orderes are not useful as armor. The second, was the MMA guy who got hacked up by a knife welding nutter on the NYC subway while the cops watched.

MNW said...

I currently live in DE (ugh) and the thugs in Wilmington are moving into the nicer areas as the urban hunting grounds have been depleted.

I predict that suburbs will become far less safe as businesses flee cities

Charlie said...

Get out, just get out of crowded cities.

Anonymous said...

Your last paragraph should be capitalized and in BOLD

Anonymous said...

Theres a big hillside across the cove from me, 300-some acres of woods? Coyotes run up and down it all year round. Course a couple cinder blocks and a short paddle in the cove and the catfish will do the work for me, too.

Anonymous said...

Winner winner chicken dinner!!
The Golden Horde

Aesop said...

"Arm yourself, get sufficient training and practice to be proficient in defending yourself if necessary, and be prepared to do so. Then police up your brass, and don't hang about to answer any fool questions from TPTB, nor volunteer for a fine taxpayer-paid judicial lynching. Do unto others, then split!"