Monday, June 5, 2023

Curiouser and curiouser...


A boat accident on Lake Maggiore in Italy is raising a whole lot of eyebrows.

The story of a boat that sank on Lake Maggiore on 28 May has elements of a spy novel.

Four people tragically drowned on the picturesque and popular lake south of the Swiss Alps.

One was a former agent from Israel's spy agency Mossad, two were Italian intelligence officers and the fourth victim was a Russian woman.

They were among 23 people aboard the small boat that set out to cruise the lake.

. . .

While some reports say the boat ride was an innocent pleasure trip, several major Italian news outlets are reporting that it was a secret work meeting between Italian and Israeli agents.

There is huge interest in the accident and public prosecutor Carlo Nocerino has been tasked with finding out what happened. He says 13 of those on board were Italian agents and eight were Israeli agents. Only the captain, Claudio Carminati, and his Russian wife did not work in intelligence.

. . .

One other aspect to the mystery is that, according to Italian media, the survivors of the disaster seemingly rushed to leave immediately afterwards.

The Italian press reports that the survivors quickly collected their belongings from their hotel rooms and from the hospital where they had received treatment and left.

There is no paperwork about those who received medical treatment.

The Israelis abandoned their rental cars and on Monday they were flown back home on an Israeli plane that picked them up in Milan.

. . .

Of course, with so much of the story remaining uncertain, speculation is likely to continue.

The Carabinieri, Italy's military police, are assisting the investigation. They told the BBC it would examine the boat and the weather conditions - but not what the people were doing on board.

There's more at the link.

At least the FBI isn't part of the investigation.  They'd probably blame the Proud Boys for everything, then allege that the whole thing was masterminded by President Trump to further blacken Hunter Biden's name (as if it were even possible to blacken it any further by this point...).



Anonymous said...

Not for nothing, but it is part of 'the noticing'.... they're _always_ there. Every time. I'm not saying I believe the hype, but.. curiouser and curiouser, no?

Old NFO said... put it mildly...

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Peter;

It smells like another intelligence agency heard about the meeting and "interfered", and leaked the info to the media to further embarrass the people involved...certain agencies don't like publicity....especially bad publicity. The whole things smells like 3 day old fish.

Zaphod said...


Every. Single. Time.

There... Fixed it for you :)

Anonymous said...

Much obliged good Sir!

Eric Wilner said...

Well... if you need to hold a secret meeting, a SCIF isn't available, and a skiff isn't big enough, a larger chartered boat can be a fine venue.

Rastapopoulos said...

Five additional Israeli nationas died very close to the lake just a few days prior.