Sunday, June 25, 2023

Sunday morning music


I'm sure many readers know the rock group Alter Bridge.  Formed in 2004 as a successor to Creed, it's become very popular among heavy metal and hard rock enthusiasts.

In 2017, Alter Bridge performed two live concerts at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England, accompanied by the Parallax Orchestra.  I've chosen four tracks from the live recording of those concerts, as a representative example of the group's work.  You may need to look up the lyrics for the songs, as some of them aren't too clear, but they're freely available online.

Here goes!

I'm not a big Alter Bridge fan, but the orchestral accompaniment adds a lot to their sound, IMHO, and illustrates the musical depth they bring to rock.  They don't just make a noise.



Maniac said...

I find Kennedy's vocals rather nondescript, especially compared to Scott's.

James said...

If you want to hear an amazing metal concert with orchestral accompaniment try these two halves of Epica's tenth anniversary concert with Floor Jansen doing a duet with Simone Simons.

The fourth song is two metal female vocalists doing a medieval religious song in the middle of a metal concert.

James said...

Also Simone was three months pregnant at this show.