Friday, September 26, 2008

Comment moderation enabled temporarily

Friends and readers, I'm sorry, but I've had to enable comment moderation on this blog for at least the short term. The controversy over The High Road (discussed in this post) appears to have drawn the trolls out from under the bridge, and I've had to delete a couple of nasty comments. In order to prevent this blog from being spoiled by those who should know better, I'm going to moderate all comments before they appear on the site.

This may mean that your comment will not appear for several hours - I'm not able to check every hour or so - but I hope you'll understand the need for the precaution.

Comments by trolls will disappear into the cyberspace void, which has been summoned to handle the influx.



Easily Lost said...

I don't follow things at THR but I do pop over here daily to see whats new. I especially love the doofus ones. I'm sorry to hear about the trolls though, maybe if you bait the troll traps with some troll bait you might get lucky and catch a few extra ones.

Simeron Steelhammer said...

I lurked on THR some because of LawDog. I read his blog one day and decided to do a look see and enjoyed what I saw and actually learned some thing (more then I thought I would).

I am very sad to hear about this turn of events though but, as an IT man myself, I am sad to report its not uncommon at all.

The city of San Fran. had one of thier main IT guys lock them out of about 90% of the city network because he felt they were screwing him.

You MUST have TOTAL faith in the IT admins of any network. The old command line goes like this...

GOD - Network Admin (nobody else).

At least for each network.

Please keep us posted on things.