Sunday, July 26, 2009

Monster Hunter International

I've blogged before about the novel Monster Hunter International, written by my online buddy, Larry Correia. I had the pleasure, this afternoon, of walking into our local Books-a-Million store and finding it on the shelves, published now by Baen Books (Larry initially self-published it). Of course, I bought a copy, and took it home to re-read.

It's as enjoyable on this, my sixth or seventh reading, as it was the first time (I was one of those who helped Larry with his proof-reading during the writing process). It really is an extraordinary first novel. I find it difficult to compare Larry's style to other novelists. He's a bit like Jim Butcher in some ways; akin to David Drake (particularly in his action sequences) in others; and not unlike John Ringo in parts - but he's not like any of them overall. His style is his own, quirky, interesting, humorous, and very readable.

It helps, of course, that Larry knows firearms inside-out and back-to-front. Weapons enthusiasts will find a wealth of detail in his work, all accurately portrayed and true to life. No vaporware here, no descriptions of 'revolvers with safety-catches' or 'automatic revolvers'. The technical detail is excellent.

If you haven't read Monster Hunter International yet, you're in for a treat. It's available at a bargain price from Baen. You'll find it at Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Amazon and other online and bricks-and-mortar retailers. Go read. You'll enjoy it. I promise.

(Larry's blog includes a sample chapter from MHI.)

I'm very pleased that comments from Lawdog's and my reviews of MHI were selected by Baen Books to put on the front and back covers respectively. Also, one of the minor characters is modeled on me. Those who know me, and have read the book, will recognize who I'm talking about. I'll have to bribe Larry to build up his role in the sequel - and certainly to avoid killing him off!



Mongo said...

Okay... I'm convinced. I'll go find a copy of Larry's book today and make it my next read. I hope it's available locally, if not... Amazon.

Gebiv said...

Best price for the e-version and available in a ton of different formats. If you don't already have a good book reader on your computer, I recommend Mobipocket Reader. It's free to download.

And you can always transfer the e-book to your Kindle, if you have one.

SandPine said...

I received a notice from Amazon that my copy was just shipped. Looking foward to having a good read.

Christina LMT said...

I squeeeed and jumped up and down (along with my daughter), when I unwrapped the book today and saw the quotes from LawDog and yourself on the cover! Amazing. And the book's not bad, either...;)