Monday, July 27, 2009

So much for modern education!

It's now affecting some businesses in Wisconsin, it seems.

A sign pointing southbound travelers onto Business Highway 51 in Rothschild and Schofield bears an incorrect spelling for every word except “exit.”

David Vieth, director of the bureau of highway operations for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, said the mistake was made by Decker Supply Company of Madison, which printed the sign.

“How do I politely say it shows some incompetence on someone’s part?” said Rothschild Village President Neal Torney.

There's more at the link.

You know, it's all very well for Mr. Vieth to complain that the fault lies with the sign-making company . . . but why did his department then proceed to put up the sign? Surely someone must have thought that it would be better to get it right first?




The Safety Officer said...

A few years ago while I was a Reserve Deputy in Central Florida, I heard a story concerning the local Sheriff's Department.

As the story goes one of the deputys, with a southern drawl, who ran the Sheriff's Farm ordered some baseball caps over the telephone from a local supplier. The hats ordered were to read Trustee, the hats received read Trusty. Needless to say with the ribbing received the deputy who ordered the hats was Testy.

Anonymous said...

I'm from there, though I live in DC now, in fact I used to get off I-39 at that exit. Nice to know the state government is maintaining its high standard of competence.


smartdogs said...

My husband's from Wausau - in fact, he'll be there tomorrow! I forwarded this to give him a good laugh.

I'm sure the locals are livid.