Saturday, October 30, 2010

Beat this!

Here's the Swiss 'Top Secret' drum corps performing at the Edinburgh Tattoo. Their performance seems to be a combination of military precision and free-form fun for all!




Noons said...

Indeed! These guys are GOOD!

reflectoscope said...

That they are good goes without saying so; I'd spare a thought for the cinematographer and the cameramen who captured all of that without getting in the way.


Old NFO said...

They are good and so were the cameramen... :-)

robnrun said...

Nice. The cameramen at the Tattoo are pretty incredible, they don't even get in the way of the audience's enjoyment that night. You see them, but thanks to everybody knowing precisely what they are doing it works. What is really impressive is how they manage to shoehorn everybody into the top of the Mile!
Like to know what they used for the drumsticks at the end there.

BluesBear said...

Years ago I found a company that made a special drumstick for flaming effects. So maybe that's what they are using.

It was a ball tip drumstick that looked like it was lathe turned from heat resistant polymer rods or tubing. They were hollow and inside was a replaceable wick full of lighter fluid. They had slots at the "tip" end that allowed the flames to escape. One model even had a slot for a kitchen match so the stick could be self lighting.

I don't know if that company is still in business or not. I don't think there's much demand for them. But they would be fairly easy to replicate.