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Around The Blogs 2014-05-18

Still working my trousers to the bone writing the new novel, but I had some time to browse the blogosphere now and then.  Here's this week's harvest.

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The anthropogenic climate change crowd come in for their fair (and thoroughly deserved) share of scorn and derision from those who know better.  First, Eric S. Raymond has some interesting thoughts on 'why cult-like groups often respond to strong evidence against their core beliefs by becoming more fanatical'.

Borepatch riffs on the same theme, asking:

What will be the easily foreseeable reaction to an increasingly despotic and increasingly unpopular - and, dare I say it, an increasingly foreign - ideology?

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If Progressives use the only remaining tool in their toolbox (the Organs of the State) to impose their will on a resistant country, then that road leads straight to secession.  There isn't any question where it ends, only whether one or the other party turns aside before the destination.

Evaporative cooling theory suggests that Progressives won't.  As they increasingly (and rightly) feel under counterattack, they will double down.

This will not end well.

There's more at the link.

Firehand links to a blog post by Brandon Shollenberger, who's in the invidious position of having legitimately obtained information that thoroughly discredits certain participants in the climate change debate, but who's now being threatened with legal action if he uses it by the university from which he (legally) obtained it. They're even trying to prevent him quoting from their letter threatening to sue him!  Talk about desperation . . .

All the above articles are well worth reading.  They illustrate the desperation of those whose ideology is increasingly irrelevant and has increasingly been disproved, but who are striving with might and main to perpetuate it - because it's all they've got.

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The Silicon Graybeard illustrates why everyone should be able to keep a lawyer - caged.  Based on my experience with the 'clientele' concerned (after they'd been convicted and imprisoned), I can only classify the lawyer he quotes as wearing blinkers so heavy and obscuring that it's a wonder he can see straight at all!

CAUTION:  NOT SAFE FOR WORK!  While on the subject of lawyers, Clark at Popehat links to a wonderfully amusing response to a lawyer's letter threatening to sue for damages on behalf of a porn star who CONSENTED to be thrown off a roof by a playboy holding on to an intimate portion of her anatomy, and who disobeyed explicit instructions as to how to conduct herself so as to avoid injury.  Guess what?  She got hurt.  I suspect the playboy's lawyer's reply to her lawyer's letter is going to hurt a more fundamental portion of her anatomy . . .

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Courtesy of a link from XBradTC, we read Lumberjack In A Desert's response to the scandal at the Veterans Administration.  An amputee from the Gulf, he knows whereof he speaks - and knows what needs to be done to fix the problem.

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There's lots of humor this week too.  Here's a selection.

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Francis W. Porretto points out that "It's long past time we stopped awaiting the arrival of a superhero, whether four-colored or political, who'll save us from ourselves".  Food for thought.

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There are two useful articles for preppers.  EagleSpeak reminds us of the importance of prearranged meeting-places or rendezvous locations where families can gather after an emergency, so they can be together again.  Blue Collar Prepping looks at difficulties connected with menstruation and feminine body functions during emergencies.  These are areas where men may not have the right insight or mindset without some help.  Both articles are very useful.

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Finally, The Silicon Graybeard brings us a cuteness overload.  It's a good way to end this roundup from the blogosphere.  More next week.



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