Saturday, May 10, 2014

More on the education debacle

Last weekend I wrote about the dismal failure of most state-level expenditure on education, which was not producing results (or, rather, was producing negative results, in that the more money states spent on education, the worse their students appeared to perform).

Now comes further confirmation that things are in a mess.  Bloomberg reports:

U.S. high school seniors, whose school years have encompassed the sweeping education initiatives of two presidents, failed to demonstrate improvement in math or reading on a national exam.

Only 38 percent of those tested in 2013 scored as proficient readers on the National Assessment of Educational Progress, known as the “Nation’s Report Card,” released today by the Education Department. Three-quarters failed to show math proficiency. The scores were little changed from 2009, when the test was last given.

. . .

The Nation’s Report Card shows what students know in various subject areas and compares achievement data among states and demographic groups. Tests are also given in science, history and other subjects. Just 12 percent of 12th-graders were proficient in American history, according to a 2011 report.

The results paint a similar picture to that of SAT college entrance exam performance. The high school class of 2013 showed no improvement from the previous year and fewer than half of the test takers were prepared for college-level work, according to the College Board, owner of the SAT.

There's more at the link.

Frankly, I think that sending condemning the average US child to the public education system is doing them a lifetime disservice at best - perhaps doing no more than prepare them for catastrophic failure at meeting life's challenges.  I suspect it's now true to say that those of today's young people who succeed in America will do so in spite of the education system, rather than because of it.



Rev. Paul said...

And that, right there, is why we home-schooled our daughters.

Stu Garfath. Sydney said...

Peter, the problem is also in New South Wales, Australia.
It's called NAPLAN, National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy.
The (Australian) Sunday Telegraph, May 11, 2014, page 26, under the title, 'Parents raising Naplan pressure.
(exclusive), by Bruce McDougall.
Quote. "NAPLAN aims to obtain an authentic snapshot of the abilities of Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 students". Unquote.
My explanation, add 5 years to each number above to arrive at the approximate age of the student.
The core of the article, as interpreted by me is, NAPLAN is designed to assess the selected abilities of students, so that the system and schools can be assessed on teacher performance, much is decided, particularly FUNDING per school, on the outcome.
To that end, students are being manipulated, IN EVERY WAY, so that students/schools/TEACHERS, achieve results that present the school in its most favourable, read 'high achievement' profile, thereby attracting MORE Government funding(!).
The TEACHERS that 'do poorly', are judged, and penalised, even fired, so as to ensure that Government 'Programmes' are seen to be working, it's as cynical as that.

Old NFO said...

Another reason there are literally fights over entry into the 'good' schools (there are still a few out there)...

Steve Sky said...

The new History, and new SATs, per the Core Curriculum.

I wonder how students today can get into college taking the SAT, knowing actual history. To get a good SAT score, they'd have to know the propaganda that is being taught, and tested as the 'correct' answers. This requires them to know two histories. One - the actual U.S. history, and Two - the education dept. approved propaganda. Also note, this excludes homeschooling, as those children are taught actual history, without the propaganda.

Lastly, although this link deals primarily with history, I'm sure the same criticisms apply to other subjects as well.


emdfl said...

Peter, the union operated gov approved indoctrination system is finally doing exactly what Dewey and his friends planned for it do all those years ago.

Divemedic said...

The problem is also due to culture:
In math, Asian students scored 47% proficiency, whites 33%, and blacks 3%.
This also makes me wonder how the large influx of Hispanic students is affecting the results. Since Hispanics are mostly counted as Whites for statistical purposes, this will have some effect on the results.
The fact that blacks are doing so poorly, IMO, is indicative of a culture that denigrates learning and promotes the inner city rapper thug culture.