Monday, May 5, 2014

Headline of the day

I must admit, my mind boggled more than somewhat when I read:

Say WHAT???

I'm not going to reproduce anything from the article here - you can read it at the link if you wish - but it does lend itself to speculation.

  • I presume the use of a rooster was an oblique reference to one of the more informal colloquial names for that portion of the male anatomy.  If not, would that make it a poultry offense?
  • If the artist was drunk at the time, would this be a case of 'coq au vin'?
  • I don't want to know whether the cock . . . either cock . . . crowed.  So to speak.  You should pardon the expression.



Larry said...

Nay, nay. It was a fowl offense, to be sure.

Was there a pretty woman involved? I remember there being an old French saying (approximately), "When the cock crows to the sky, the brains fall to the ground."

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Old NFO said...

ROTF... Good one Peter!

MSgt B said...

Roosters have some serious claws.

I wouldn't put one anywhere near my junk...

Anonymous said...

I sent this to a buddy, who replied.

" he was fined for having two peckers."

The Gallic rooster is the national bird of France, you can see it on Rossignol skis and other products.