Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Doofus Of The Day #773

Today's award goes to whoever loaded this AR-15 magazine:

The comment thread at the picture's Imgur page is worth reading, too.



Coconut said...

Persistent chappie, I'll give him that.

Anonymous said...

Actually that was a pretty common "Jam" before the "anti tilt follower". It is caused by worn out springs in the old(Vietnam era) 20rd mag. The bolt double feeds and just pushes the last 8 or 9 rounds over into the mag. The only "stupid's" are the people displaying their ignorance of common(old school) AR/M-16 malfunctions.--Ray

Peter said...

@Ray: On doing a little research, I see that there have, indeed, been instances where rounds have been upended like that in the old 20-round Vietnam-era magazines. I don't know whether or not this is such a magazine (the body looks curved to me); but if it is, that's a possible explanation. Thanks for enlightening us.

(I must say, however, that my old-style 20-rounders have never done that.)

Anonymous said...

Peter; Its not the twenty round mag that is at fault. It is the combination of a faulty worn spring and the old stile follower. Back when Carter was President this was a common "day at the range" for us as we were issued nothing but Vietnam leftovers---Ray

jon spencer said...

Saw this picture, or one just like it over two years ago.
Guess it is something like that stuck in the ditch Oscar Meyer Wienermobile that show up around the first snow fall of the winters.

Fullroller said...

Makes by brain hurt just looking at it.