Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tired puppy

I've been hard at work on the new book today, writing another 8,000 words and editing several thousand more. At this rate I'll be finished by the weekend, when it'll be time to do a detail edit in preparation for publication. Two rounds of alpha reader feedback have been pretty positive, with some commenters still to respond.  So far, so good!

I'll put up more blog posts in the morning.  Sleep well, y'all.


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zuk said...

Hi Peter, glad you are making headway with the writing.

As a reader of your first 3, if I could share one comment/piece of advice--stop explaining! Any scene where someone explains something to someone else, REWRITE! Especially if that someone is an officer/trainee/candidate who should ALREADY know. Book 3 was mostly explaining. The final battle was particularly guilty, with the light speed delay explained four times!

For me, this really took away from the otherwise well written and compelling combat scenes.

Every book has been an improvement, with your storytelling skills increasing as well as your technical writing abilities. The overall structure of the story (ie, he's in training for most of it) lends itself to the explaining trap, but don't just explain the world to us, SHOW us. The rock dropping scene was a great example of where you get it right.

Thanks for writing, we readers would be up a creek without writers, so I appreciate the effort!