Friday, May 23, 2014

Last day for the Altered Perceptions fundraiser

Friend and fellow blogger and novelist Larry Correia has joined with several other authors to organize a fundraiser for Rob Wells, who's facing crippling medical bills.  They've all contributed material to bring out a book that will be given to donors.

Tomorrow, May 24th, is the last day of the fundraiser.  Miss D. and I have already contributed, as have a large number of people.  At the time of writing no less than $95,892 has been raised - more than 87% of the target of $110,000.  I'd be very grateful if you, dear readers, would read about Rob's situation and consider contributing as well.  I'm sure we can reach the target if we all pull together - and if we don't pull together to help each other as much as possible, all of us will end up poorer as a result, in spirit if not in pocket.

You can click over to the project's IndieGoGo page to make your contribution.  Thanks again.


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