Sunday, March 15, 2015

"Boys and their toys" indeed!

Ever wanted to fly a snowmobile?

What was that about some people having way too much time on their hands?



Diamond Mair said...

Not only no, but HELL NO! ;-)

Bob said...

Definitely NOT as waste of time!

This - without a doubt - is cutting edge advanced avionic research.

We will need transportation like this if Global Warming continues it's present trend and the world turns into a gigantic ice sheet.

Besides, it looks like one hell of a lot of fun.


Larry said...

I was surprised the chute held the weight. It didn't look oversized, so I expected a *rapid* descent. I'd have never been the test-pilot, though. No way!

Will said...


I wonder if the riser spread that they ended up with was a factor. That may have given it an effectively wider canopy.
What I didn't see was any obvious way to jettison the 'chute, if a major problem occurred. Rider had a backpack style 'chute for emergency, but that overhead obstruction would have been a real complication with so little distance AGL.

Anonymous said...

As a guy who's flown some unlikely junk over the years, I think I can say, well, um, , , I, ah, oh. . . . Wow, that's just beyond anything I could ever imagine.

I must be getting really, really old.