Monday, March 30, 2015

Screaming 9mm. and .308 ammo deal at Walmart

Those of you who shoot those calibers, call your local Walmart ASAP.  I was doing some other shopping there an hour ago when I happened past the Sporting Goods department (funny how I find myself at the ammo locker so often, isn't it?).  They were unpacking Perfecta brand 9mm. 115gr. ball and .308 147gr. ball ammo at the ridiculously low price of $6.94 per box (of 50 and 20 rounds, respectively).  I haven't seen prices that low for those cartridges in years.  (To put it in perspective, that's 14c per round for 9mm. and 35c per round for .308. It's hard to reload for the same price per round today, if you use jacketed bullets.)

Needless to say, I bought as much as I could afford.  The staff hadn't even finished unpacking the stuff yet, and they laughed that I was ruining their efforts to set up a display of it.  Too bad - by the time I'd paid for mine, two other shoppers had come by, done a double-take as they saw the price on the shelf, and reached for their wallets.

I predict this is going to fly off the shelves.  My local Walmart had several cases of each caliber, and I'll be surprised if they last until this evening.  If you shoot 9mm. or .308, grab some while you can (and check whether other calibers are available at your local store).  Perfecta is decent ammo - see here and here for just two threads reviewing it.  It appears to be made by Fiocchi in Italy.  For practice and plinking, I'd say it's as good as anything else - and it's brass-cased, so you can reload it.



dorfer21 said...

This deal may not exist at all Walmarts. Mine has the ammo, but not at those low low prices

Jim said...

Thanks for the tip. We also had that brand though not at that price. Still, $9.74 a box is still less than what I'm used to paying for range 9mm these days. I'll have to try it and see how it stacks up.

W. Fleetwood said...

I work part time at a Wal-mart in Florida. The $9.74 price is what it goes for here. Another decent buy that shows up on a regular basis at Wal-mart is the Federal aluminum cased pistol ammunition in .45, .40, and 9mm. Its priced right at a third off the federal brass cased ammunition. My friends and I have put about 750 rounds of this through about seven different pistols and, so far, its worked perfectly. If you're not a reloader that's a reasonable price to make holes in paper.

Anonymous said...

> and it's brass-cased, so you can reload it.

That ~may~ be true. There's a lot of brass-cased ammo out there that is nevertheless Berdan primed (mostly from European factories).

& re: w. Fleetwood: > Federal aluminum cased pistol ammunition ...

Federal was one of the many companies that were part of ATK, that were spun off in Jan. as "Vista Outdoors". That also included brands such as CCI, Speer, & RCBS. As such, the aluminum cased ammo was probably re-branded CCI Blazer ammo.


Peter said...

I've just been back to stock up on a little more of the .308. They moved 2,000 rounds of that and 9mm. just in the few minutes I was in line.

This may be a local special - I don't know. However, it's making a lot of local shooters happy, including yours truly.

Anonymous said...

It will be long gone before you even posted this.

In other news, I haven't seen 22LR in a Walmart since Obama was elected. Though they swear they get more every week. "keep trying" (as they laugh behind their sleeves).

Will said...

I'm thinking the Walmart clerks are mailing the same little box of .22LR to each other so they can claim they do stock it, sort of.