Saturday, March 7, 2015

Doofus Of The Day #820

Courtesy of a link provided by reader Christopher C., we meet a San Diego man whose friends now doubtless want to discuss his phone habits with him.

An Alpine man who didn’t realize he’d called 911 on his cellphone let a sheriff’s dispatcher in on his conversation about a drug lab and plans to lure a deputy into a fight or a pursuit, authorities said Tuesday.

Deputies traced the call to a home on Lobelia Road and found 93 marijuana plants inside and outdoors, sheriff’s Sgt. Kirk Thomson said. Three men there were arrested.

“They vehemently denied calling 911 until we called his phone back, and showed him on his phone where he had called us,” Thomson said. “Then the expletives flew.”

. . .

... one of the men pushed a programmed button on his cellphone that called 911 without him knowing it. A dispatcher overheard men talking about narcotics and items used to make “honey oil,” slang for hash oil extracted from marijuana. They also talked about returning to the deputy to get him into a fight or a 100 mph chase, Thomson said.

. . .

“In my 31 1/2 years in law enforcement, I’ve never heard of this before,” Thomson said. “It’s rare for people to call us and say, ‘come arrest us.’ It’s a new one on me.”

There's more at the link.

I'm sure the police were absolutely delighted at this degree of cooperation from the public . . . even if the public in question didn't know they were cooperating!



Wraith said...

I'm certain this was a butt-dial. There's absolutely no way that your cell phone can be remotely activated and used as a listening device by .gov--why, that's just crazy talk.


Shrimp said...

Or the possibility of him being an informant is completely crazy, too. You know, everyone has a phone nowadays, and having a legitimate excuse as to how the authorities managed to get the information they needed without obtaining a wiretap, or bothering to use a hidden microphone when there's one in plain sight that everyone forgets about.

In either case, I too doubt the butt-dial...