Friday, March 6, 2015

"How to get past the robots that are reading your résumé"

That's the title of a useful article and infographic in Business Insider.  I don't have much experience of automated systems processing job applications - they came after my time in business - but the infographic offers useful tips to structure your application in such a way that it stands a decent chance of getting through the automated 'gatekeepers' and landing up in the hands of a human being.  That gives you at least a fighting chance of getting to the interview stage.

It looks like worthwhile reading if you, or family, or friends, are looking for a job.



Eric Wilner said...

I've never gotten a job through the "normal" process -- they key, for me, has always been social networking, and having a friend on the inside who can introduce me to those who know the job requirements and are in a position to make a decision.
The resume, then, is something I update after the head of the engineering department tells HR to start sending me paychecks, and HR complains about not even having my resume on file.
I did, though, get one of my current gigs through new-style networking; someone found my Linkedin profile, which I guess is sort of like a resume, and got in touch -- but, again, this was the guy with the requirement, and no HR department was involved.
Around Silicon Valley, I have the impression that most of the positions being advertised aren't for real anyway: either it's already been filled and the company is nonetheless required to go through the motions, or it never existed and the company is pretending to be hiring in support of a nonexistent expansion. (And even for real openings, there's the unstated caveat: no one over 35 need apply.)
The times I've been involved in hiring, the actual process seemed to involve asking whether any employees or friends knew anyone with the right qualifications, and then suggesting that they come in for a chat.
So, at least from what I've seen, the best and perhaps only way of getting past the gatekeepers is to bypass them entirely and find some way of getting acquainted with the people who count.

Old NFO said...

I'm afraid Eric is right. Most job adverts today seem to simply be checks in the block for the companies as they already have someone they plan to hire. And depending on the industry, they may not want anyone over 30! I know for sure us old farts need not apply... sigh

Will said...

Hmm, 15 years ago, the cutoff was 50 yo.

You have to remember, the only power that HR has is the word "no". That is why people seldom actually get hired by following the regular rules for job applications. If you can't figure out how to make an end run around the HR dept, You are most likely SOL.

Anonymous said...

Thanks - its been nearly 22 years since I did a resume so I need anything I can get on 'newfangled technology' I can lay my hands on. Job security is safe (or is it ?) so it pays to stay abreast of current practices.

I wasn't aware of this new technology - thanks!