Friday, March 13, 2015

"Lessons learned from a book launch"

That's the title of a guest article I wrote over at Mad Genius Club this morning.  Those of you who are interested in books, writing and related subjects might find it useful.  It looks at the launch of my latest novel last month, and what I've learned from it (so far).  It's probably raised more questions than I've got answers at the moment, but hey - it's an ongoing process.

While on the subject of books, my friend Cedar Sanderson has the opening volume of one of her fantasy series, 'Pixie Noir', on promotion at at present.

For today only, you can buy the Kindle edition for just 99c.  Tomorrow it goes up to $2.99, and in a few days it'll revert to its regular price of $4.99.  I recommend it, and at 99c I think it's a steal.  Head on over to the book's Amazon page for a good deal.



Sam Hall said...

I agree about 'Pixie Noir'. It is a good read and you will hunger for the next one.

Rev. Paul said...

I also agree: it's a good read, and a unique take on the oft-attempted genre.

Eric Wilner said...

So now there's another book in the queue on my Kindle! I need either more reading time or fewer interests.

Chris said...

I'll also chime in with a thumbs-up for Pixie Noir. Good characterization, plot well-developed, good pacing.

John said...

And it is now in the Kindle. How did the cover artist get Cate Blanchett to model the cover?

John in Philly

Anonymous said...

That's not quite the worst cover I've ever seen (that dishonor goes to the donuts on the Kindle edition of Joan Słończewski's The Children Star and Seda's Diary) but it's still ugly.