Monday, August 21, 2017

Erroneous erogenous?

My mind is still boggling at this report.

A man who caused life-changing injuries to the genital area of his female lover after a sexual fantasy went catastrophically wrong, has been jailed for a decade.

David Jeffers, 47, fled from a Manchester hotel leaving his partner dying on a bed after a loaded shotgun, which was inserted into her vagina, was mistakenly fired.

The 46 year-old victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had informed her partner of her sexual desires via text message a few days prior to the incident, which left her with life changing injuries to her bladder and female reproductive organs, with one message saying: "I can't sleep, so excited."

There's more at the link.

I . . . I just can't wrap my mind around this.  I can find nothing exciting whatsoever (erotically, or in any other way) about inserting a firearm (loaded or not) into any bodily orifice whatsoever.  Sex has its purpose.  So do firearms.  Those purposes do not intersect - at least, not in the world in which I live!

The unfortunate lady (?) survived her catastrophic injuries, but has been left forever maimed.  I suppose that in this case, coitus has been permanently interruptus!



Gorges Smythe said...


emil said...

there are 7 billion people...a tab for every slot, a peg for every hole with all the variations in between....i always thought that as long as all the adults in the room were informed and consenting on, it's none of business.

i'm strictly a vanilla ice cream kinda guy myself but okay...some like other flavors. good on em.

on the other hand shooting a lady in the hoo-haw crosses the line from kink to criminal.

Feather Blade said...

So... does she get the Darwin Award for this year, or does he get it by proxy...?

Will said...

I haven't seen any specifics, but the impression from the officials comments is that it was a small gauge gun, either some sort of garden pest control type, or possibly a self-defense oriented design. Perhaps .410, or 28 gauge, at a guess. Not clear if it was even a legal-for-England category shottie.

Not bright enough to utilize a dummy round, of course.

selsey.steve said...

Just a minute.
A discharged fire-arm, whatever the type, releases a very large volume of high-temperature gases. Such a discharge within a bodily orrifice is going to cause massive damage to the entire structure within that body. The woman's intestines would have been compressed to destruction and her diaphragm would have been torn apart.
How is it that this woman has survived, albeit with "life-changing" injuries?

Dan said...

Darwin Award: Given out to those who spectacularly....and usually stupidly....remove themselves from the gene pool. Usually by way of
fatality but not necessarily.

I'd say the woman qualifies as she is no longer capable of reproduction.
Hopefully she qualified for this award PRIOR to having passed along her
genetic mental deficiencies.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Isn't it understood, in general that sexual fetishes, as a rule, are not much in the way of being realistic or practical?