Friday, October 12, 2018


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Thud said...


Old NFO said...

How can you tell? She never lifts her head anyway... Or is her snoring the key?

TheOtherSean said...

Funny meme, I must admit, even if the supposed "Kavanugh threw ice during a drunken barfight while at Yale" incident as initially described in the media was total BS.

I know somebody who was actually a witness to the whole thing. Long story short, Kavanaugh was merely a witness to some young toughs from the local Italian-American neighborhood walking into a bar and deciding 6'11" basketball player Chris Dudley was a great target for verbal abuse so they could prove how tough they were. After 15-20 minutes of it, one of them they got up in Dudley's phase, Dudley stood up and whacked the guy upside the head with the beverage he'd been drinking. The bouncers put a stop to it there. The cops showed up a while later to take a police report. (Chris Dudley is the only reason the incident stuck around in said witness's memory, really.)