Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Another great restaurant

During our brief road trip to Shreveport, Louisiana, last week, Miss D. and I took advantage of our visit to sample the food at Crawdaddy's Kitchen, a Cajun restaurant in that city.  It was delicious!

Even later in the evening, there were plenty of customers.  Most appeared to be locals, working men and women;  it wasn't an upmarket tourist trap by any means.  The air was fresh and clean inside, despite the heavy emphasis on seafood and shellfish on the menu, which is always a good sign.  The decor was simple, but clean and orderly.

Miss D. decided that she'd like to try the restaurant's version of the famous Hurricane cocktail, while I stayed with a more prosaic beer.  The Hurricane was tasty, but very strong, so much so that she wasn't able to finish more than half of it.  I sampled it, and did a double-take.  No complaints about lack of alcohol there!  If you like that sort of thing, this is a good place to order one - but probably not more than one!

Miss D. went with the fried alligator platter, while I sampled the crawfish étouffée with crab cakes.  Both were excellent, well cooked, with just the right mix of spices and seasonings to make them irresistible.  The portions were large enough that we didn't have room for a full dessert each, so we shared a single serving of New Orleans style bread pudding with rum sauce.  It was delectable, a perfect balance between sweet, spicy and alcoholic - possibly the best of its kind I've ever eaten.  (You can see the restaurant's menu for yourself here.)

Crawdaddy's Kitchen is definitely on our list of restaurants to visit again, if we should pass that way.  (No, they're not compensating me in any way for posting this review:  I just like to share this sort of thing with my readers.)



LindaG said...

Will have to try them the next time we get to Shreveport. I do love some good bread pudding!
Thanks for the review!

Old NFO said...

Good food and good booze, what's NOT to like! :-) It's Louisiana!!!

Beans said...

Not having a seafood restaurant or a seafood store/counter smell like a dock on a hot day is one of my criteria for buying from them. Some expensive looking places stink to high heaven. Yes, it can smell like nicely cooked fish but the pong must be controlled.

One of the many many reasons I shop heavily at Publix supermarkets. You can usually (unless they're doing a crab boil, and they have yet to learn to do that outside dangit) not smell the seafood until you are right there. Maybe reason #3 out of 5,267 reasons to shop there. :)