Saturday, January 5, 2019

The best possible argument for The Wall

I've played this video before, but in the light of the debate over the border wall - and the ongoing mass invasion of our country by illegal aliens - it bears repeating.  It's cold, hard fact.

We cannot - repeat, cannot - solve the world's problems by allowing the world to send them here.  The more illegal aliens we tolerate, the less of our national resources we'll have for those of us who are here legally, and the more of the problems of the rest of the world we'll import.

Build the Wall!




Thanks for this video, Peter. I've seen it before but it does bear repeating.

Of course (and I'm shamelessly self-plugging here)… it's not about alleviating poverty, or helping anything - it's about importing compliant voters who, demographically, will overwhelm us "ungovernable deplorables" and create a permanent-majority voting bloc.

Wayne said...

All in all, it’s just another gumball in the wall.


I live 99 miles from the border. I joined the minuteman movement back in the day when they were getting strong. I can tell you without a doubt the goal is to replace white middle class american born people with a class of uneducated slaves that have no concept of the constitution, gun rights, the history of this country, etc. TPTB want argentina where there is rich and poor and no in between. TPTB want slaves that will not question the government and be on the take of everything it can and will offer to stay on the reservation. I could go on and on about other issues affecting this, but you get the idea.
At 62 years old, Im just glad I had the luck to see it at its best for a very brief window in time. Seems that after 9/11 it all changed drastically and not for the better. Just my 2 cents.