Monday, January 28, 2019

The wind beneath their wings . . . was a tornado

The flight line at Antalya airport, in southern Turkey, was hit by a tornado on Saturday.  Video of the incident shows several airliners being moved around by the windstorm.

I hope they checked them all carefully before allowing them to take off again!



Judy said...

What a cute little tornado...almost dust-devil size.

Will said...

I wish the phone makers would set up their camera system to put a very obvious warning on the screen to TURN THE PHONE SIDEWAYS! Video like this is like looking through a keyhole. Makes my head hurt to watch it. Lots of times I don't bother when I see the infamous three vertical bar visual.

Years ago, while taking a class in the desert, two dust devils ran into each other. They ended up twisting around each other like a corkscrew and kept on trucking as a joined pair.

Old NFO said...

Yep, that got a few people's attention! :-)

B P said...

But I'll bet it didn't stop *someone* from complaining about the delay.

Dov Sar said...

I remember being a young pilot in a similar Oshkosh and several aircraft were flipped. All I could thing was that I had 5,000 deductible on my airplane insurance so I strapped in and kept my hand on the controls to keep the darn thing from flipping. Silly but true!

Roy said...

I'm with Judy. That was just a baby. A typical Midwestern F3 or better and there would have been more than a few wrecked airliners.