Thursday, May 16, 2019

Allen West lays it down on the NRA

A few days ago, I asked whether it wasn't time to clean house at the NRA by firing everybody involved in recent controversies.  I've been reinforced in that opinion by these words from Allen West, former US Army Lieutenant-Colonel and congressman, whose opinions I respect.  I'll reproduce them in full.

It has become very apparent that I need to speak out about what is happening at the National Rifle Association.

I am in my second term as a Board member, and I am deeply concerned about the actions and statements being made. The recent statements by Charles Cotton and Carolyn Meadows that are appearing in the Wall Street Journal, and now other news outlets, are outright lies. I have never been told, advised, informed or consulted about any of these details mentioned in the WSJ, and who knows how much more despicable spending of members’ money.

These statements have maliciously, recklessly and purposefully put me, and uninformed Board members, in legal jeopardy.

Prior to the NRAAM in Indianapolis I sent an email to Wayne LaPierre’s managing director, Millie Hallow, expressing my sentiment that Wayne LaPierre resign immediately.

I also drafted a memo entitled “Resolution of Concerns,” both of these statements are known to the NRA Board. It is imperative that the NRA cleans its own house. If we had done so in Indianapolis, much of this could have been rectified.

I do not support Wayne LaPierre continuing as the EVP/CEO of the NRA. The vote in Indianapolis was by acclamation, not roll call vote. There is a cabal of cronyism operating within the NRA and that exists within the Board of Directors. It must cease, and I do not care if I draw their angst. My duty and responsibility is to the Members of the National Rifle Association, and my oath, since July 31, 1982, has been to the Constitution of the United States, not to any political party, person, or cabal.

The NRA Board of 76 is too large and needs to be reduced to 30 or less. We need term limits of four (4) terms on the Board. We need to focus the NRA, the nation’s oldest civil rights organization on its original charter, mission, training and education in marksmanship, shooting sports, and the defense of the Second Amendment.

I will dedicate all my efforts to the reformation of the National Rifle Association and its members, of whom I am proud to serve.

It sickens me to publicly make this statement, but I will not allow anyone to damage my honor, integrity, character, and reputation. Needless to say, there are those who have willingly done so to their own.

Steadfast and Loyal,
Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West (US Army, Retired)
Member, 112th US Congress
Patriot Life Benefactor, Board Member, National Rifle Association

Thank you, Col. West, for speaking out so strongly.  You've set things out plainly and simply.  Now to see whether the membership of the NRA can overcome the entrenched interests that have hijacked the organization, disregarding the rank and file and warping the organization into something it was never intended to become (not to mention enriching themselves in the process).



Beans said...

It makes it even less tolerable to be constantly annoyed by the 'NRA Beggars' thrice to four times weekly saying how dire things are and to find out WLP is a stylin' man on our dimes and quarters.

Wish they had kept the fighting and the fixing behind doors like gentlemen, but hopefully all of this will restore the NRA to a gun-rights organization.

John Ray said...

Lt.Col West, always a patriot and a font of wisdom. Fearless in opinion, I might add.

Aesop said...

That's gonna leave a mark.

And there are no weasel words in existence that'll let those thieves wriggle out from under the large rock he just dropped on their heads.

Other national and state orgs hew far closer to the gun rights mission. Considering how worthless the NRA is at that mission, it's not a very high bar to get over.

I have had little use for the NRA for the last 40 years. It's been nothing but a con for at least that long. As non-profits go, their long-time M.O. would earn them an objective F rating, right up with celebrated crooks from history.

Their asinine stance right up until Heller and MacDonald were won (without any help from them, and in fact actual attempts to undermine them right up until the court decisions!)were more nails in their own coffin.

That this latest nonsense is even a thing demonstrates why they've been worthless for decades.

IMHO, it's time to fold that tent, and invest elsewhere.
They are the Boy Scouts of 2019.

Short of draconian bloodletting at the top, cleaning house with a flamethrower, and utter transparency going forward (none of which is likely to happen), there is neither any utility nor benefit in them continuing to exist, except perhaps as a bullet sop and paper tiger for the Left. They are not your firend, and more often than not, your actual enemy, drafting the very legislation that sells you out, while taking your money to do it.

In short, if the leadership were all on fire, I'd see no reason to even urinate on them to put it out.

Let it burn.

Anonymous said...

I'm a benefactor member, but haven't given them anything in over 10 years.
They are nothing but a self serving organisation, committed to no one but themselves, profiting from the membership whilst delivering almost nothing in terms of results.

Ask yourself this; what, exactly, has the NRA done to improve our gun rights over the last 100 plus years?
It seems to me they get in bed with the anti gunners every time and compromise at best. They have probably helped craft every single gun regulation since 1934.

I feel like a total dumbass having gave them anything over the last 30 years of membership.
Worst investment of my life.

One other thing that I wondered. How is it in a country of over 100 million gun owners, only 5% of them are NRA members? That never made sense, but it's beginning to.

libertyman said...

Can we vote Col. West to be the new leader? Looks like it is needed.

Will said...

The current Board is on the hook legally for ignoring their duty to control the financial aspects of the NRA. They can clean house, or NY will use them as mops to do the job. NY will still try to crucify them, but getting proactive may save their butts.

I expect the board to go down in flames along with the organization. History shows the NRA has pushed gun control since the beginning, and then discovered they could make money while doing it. Life member here. Pissed I wasted money on those clowns.