Thursday, May 16, 2019

Is Ebola being used as a weapon by jihadist terrorists?

Austin Bay raises a very worrying question about the current Ebola epidemic in the Congo.

Unfortunately for all homo sapiens living within 200 kilometers or so of a major airport anywhere on this planet, the Ebola virus epidemic afflicting eastern Congo constitutes a deadly, international, mass-casualty threat to human life.

And there are political predators who would like to see this plague seed global fear and death ... The difference (I hope) between you and the predators is that they are megalomaniacs and you are not.

. . .

In casualty terms, the 2013-2016 West Africa Ebola outbreak surpasses the current eastern Congo epidemic. West Africa was a slaughterhouse. There were 28,000 cases reported, and at least 11,300 people died.

But West Africa's outbreak didn't confront terrorists with a global mass murder agenda who think Ebola is a weapon of mass destruction their terror attacks can unleash.

Enter the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a Ugandan Islamist-jihadi outfit that murders throughout eastern Congo ... on Feb. 24, gunmen attacked an Ebola clinic in the North Kivu city of Butembo. "The men hurled rocks then burned clinic supplies and water and sanitation equipment," it said. On Feb. 27, attackers struck a Butembo clinic with several infected patients, "and a gunfight ensued. Some infected patients ran away in order to escape the gun battle."

The jihadi ADF was likely responsible for the attacks.

. . .

The UN says it need additional resources (to include medical personnel) to contain the virus and keep it from spreading to neighboring countries.

To promote that good end, UN peacekeepers in Congo need to eliminate several hundred ADF jihadis -- for the good of your health and humankind.

There's more at the link.

What if he's right?  What if the ADF (and perhaps others in the region) actually want to see Ebola spread far and wide, as a weapon of jihad?  What if they want to kill as many people as possible, and will accept disease as a weapon if they can't use guns or explosives?  What if they're so fanatical that they don't care if the disease kills them, so long as it also kills everyone they consider enemies?

That's a truly frightening thought . . . particularly for anyone trying to contain the epidemic.  They'll be targeted not only by the disease, but by those who want their health care mission to fail.



BC said...

This is a Tom Clancy book....

Or a more realistic version, get a dozen or so of "the faithful" to go lick some ebola patients, catch a flight the next day, and go to a stadium for a world cup event or just take a couple dozen international flights over the next 2-3 weeks before symptoms show up and make sure air travel is a guarantee for infection. World shuts down in 60 days or less

Uncle Lar said...

Back when Clancy actually wrote his own books he came up with some truly frightening ideas.
Crashing a jetliner into Congress for example.
Not that anyone would be crazy or suicidal enough to do anything like that, you understand.

Judy said...

Don't give (dot)gov any ideas.

They say that is where Lyme disease, HIV and several other nasties started.

gwalchmai munn said...

Again, the only safe option is a wall around Africa with doors that only open inward. Nuking the whole thing from space is optional.


Not just terrorists.

*donning my foil hat*

Imagine the Globalists who have shelters and vaccines and so on... now ready to get rid of all the unrulables by spreading it deliberately.

markshere2 said...

Of COURSE they would be willing to die for allah. The political death cult masquerading as a religion promises it's faithful 72 virgins to rape if they die killing infidels.

There may be as many as 10 or 20 moslems that really are willing to coexist (think bumper sticker) with infidels, but if they speak up, they are subject to death for apostasy. The rest are fanatical or support the fanatics.

So, yeah kill 'em.