Tuesday, May 14, 2019

RIP, Tim Conway, and thanks for all the laughs

Beloved actor and comedian Tim Conway died this morning in Los Angeles.  He was famous for his roles on The Carol Burnett Show, as well as other productions.

He was truly a comic genius, and a master of timing.  To illustrate, here's one of his most famous sketches from The Carol Burnett Show:  the Elephant Story.

Hilarious, human, and touching.  God rest you, Mr. Conway, and thanks for many happy memories.



Beans said...

Between watching this video and videos of the fight by the Kurds against ISIS/ISIL, the old canard that it takes 4-6 times the number of defenders to win a siege is gone. Looks more like 10-20 to 1 is the magic number.

And the ability to throw grenades is a must. Can't throw a grenade? You don't belong in front-line units.

Amazing watching severely wounded soldiers keep fighting.

And, yeah, it's broken down almost to a Holy War status. Something the Progs and Media just don't get.

Also interesting, the Filipinos named their vehicles. In an urban environment quick identification of friendly units is a must. Something we need to remember when we get into house-to-house fighting.

Wonder what Stalingrad would have looked like if we had GoPro cameras back then?

Sam L. said...

Tim: He did FUNNY.

Aesop said...

Once you can crush TV comedy rookies like Carol Burnett and Dick Van Dyke with an ad libbed bit, you're in Cooperstown.

Pete said...

Where did this clean humor go?

Will said...

All of his McHale's Navy series is now available on u-tube. Really good!

Old NFO said...

He and Harvey Korman were a hoot!

bruce said...

My dad had Parkinson's when I saw him crossing the room I got a flashback to Tim's hurrying across the room ( in about two minutes) the thought made me laugh again.

A real workhorse of a comedian

ASM826 said...

This was the same video I posted. One of the classics.