Friday, May 10, 2019

So that's what happens to them!

Received via e-mail, origin unknown:



LL said...

FINALLY, an answer that makes sense.

Now you have to the solve the mystery of missing pens and pocket combs.

Judy said...

It might explain some of it but my problem is I have the bowls/containers but not the lids.

Old NFO said...

Close enough... sigh... I have three extra lids now... :-)

Kristophr said...

So when someone ties a single sock to their clothes, loads a Laundromat dryer with quarters, and steps inside, is he attempting interdimensional travel, or shapeshifting?

c-90 said...

No, the sock has choices:

A. Tupperware lid
B. Coat hanger
C. Dried out, useless pen
D. Pencil Stub
E. Dead batteries
F. Keys, you can't figure out what lock it goes to, if any
G. Odd pieces of cardboard, plastic
H. Dried out Super Glue tubes.

Orvan Taurus said...

I suspect there has been a change recently. They must re-appear as USB chargers nowadays.