Friday, August 23, 2019

Follow-up links on self defense in a mass shooting situation

Courtesy of more than one reader, here are some links with additional information to go with the three articles I posted earlier about personal security in an era of mass shootings:

Greg Ellifritz wrote two articles some years ago that directly address some of the same issues.  I recommend both to your attention:

I note that both articles confirm my preference for my standard .38 Special and .380 ACP loads, as discussed in my earlier blog posts.

Next, Mike Kupari asks the all-important question about the self-defense mindset:  "When is 'Good Enough' actually good enough?"  That's a very important question, and one that each of us must answer for ourselves, based on our own needs, criteria, and lifestyle.  He rightly observes that some "instructors" out there are out to sell us what they prefer, while others aren't objective in assessing our needs.  It's a good article, and worth reading.



Beans said...

The world of gunners does seem to be taken over by trends. This caliber is better than that caliber, this bullet design is better than that bullet design, laser sights vs flashlights vs both vs glowindadarknesssights vs.. blah, blah, blah.

It all comes down to what works for the shooter to get rounds down range. And shoot multiple times to ensure a hit. Multiple hits are better than no hits.

Which is why, for overall shooting of morlock-class individuals, FMJ, for all it's bad publicity, IS the only jack-of-all-trades bullet design. It works, it's cheap, readily available, easy to reload, can easily be made in a dumbed down version (non-jacketed lead cast) and is cheap enough that the practice rounds have exactly the same characteristics as the war rounds because they are the same darned thing.

Yes... expansion works, except when it doesn't and your $2.00 bullet turns into a $0.20 cent bullet...

So, yeah, results may vary, yada yada.

Do I have expanding bullets? Yep. But if I run out, will I suddenly quake in fear because I only have ball ammo? Nah...

Mad Jack said...

Beans nailed it, pun intended. What counts is hitting something with whatever you're holding. The other things that matter is what you're doing before, during, and after someone has just tried to ruin your whole day.

Larry said...

Man, $2 bullet? Hyperbole, I know. Though I'm kind of considering a .458 SOCOM upper, and that starts at close to $2/rd and goes up from there. Reloading would be a necessity. But with a suppressor and big, heavy, subsonic slugs, that might fit the bill for home defense.

waepnedmann said...

The guy who stood up, holding a beer in his off hand, whilst giving the finger in the general direction of the incoming should at least be mentioned in dispatches and me made an honorsrybTexan if he is not one already by birth.