Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sunday morning music

I'm not a big fan of jazz music.  I'll listen to a little, and tolerate a little more, but it soon palls on me, and I'll go looking for something more tuneful and melodious.

Nevertheless, I had to do a double-take when my wife sent me a link to jazz artist Gunhild Carling performing live, with bagpipes.  Bagpipes as a jazz instrument?  This I had to hear!

She's also noted for playing up to three trumpets simultaneously.

For those who enjoy jazz more than I do, here's a complete performance with her own band and the Harlem Hotshots.

Hope you enjoyed it, jazz fans!



BadFrog said...

MInd-bleach and ear-bleach, please.

Old NFO said...

That was...interesting... to say the least... :-)

Peter B said...

I had two thoughts about her. Others did too. From the youtube comments to the second video:

"There's good-crazy and bad-crazy. This woman is good-crazy. :-)"

"My sentiment exactly, you stole the words right out my mind :) She must be so much fun at parties...Love her!!!"

Roy said...

"Bagpipes as a jazz instrument?"

Well, bagpipe anyway.

D.J. Schreffler said...

My dad (a very long-time trumpet player) was the photographer for a gig she did in Tucson, AZ, and noted that she was playing in Austin two days later. After a very hurried phone call to make sure he wasn't disrupting plans, he got us tickets.

We were amazed. Even our young kids were very well-behaved even late into the night.

libertyman said...

An amazing talent -- what a dynamo of energy!

Antibubba said...

Rufus Harley, the most famous jazz piper.

Shell said...

I wonder if she's ever heard of Rufus Harley.

This is from 1966:

Shell said...

Well dang. I didn't see Antibubba's comment till I'd posted mine.