Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Let's help Ari Munzner over the finish line

A week ago I wrote about Ari Munzner, a 90-year-old artist who lost much of his life's work when fires sparked during the riots in Minneapolis destroyed his studio.  Undaunted, he's doing his best to pick up the pieces and start again.  You can read his story in more detail at this link.

Ari's daughter Tamara set up a GoFundMe fund-raiser to help raise money to restore those of his works that can be salvaged, and set up a new studio.  Readers of this blog have already responded generously, for which my grateful thanks.  The fundraiser had reached only about $4,500 when I publicized it last week, and rose rapidly thereafter.  As I write these words, it stands at $18,380 out of a goal of $20,000.

I have enormous admiration for Ari's determination not to let this disaster derail his life's work.  I hope I'd display as much courage and optimism, to start all over again at so advanced an age, if such a disaster happened to me.  I'd really like to see the fundraiser's goal reached, to give him a head start on the process.  It would also be very nice, in moral terms, to help build something positive out of the negativity of the riots and destruction.

How about it, readers?  If you haven't already contributed, will you please consider even a small donation?  It doesn't have to be a lot - every little helps - and I think it's in a very good cause.  Let's get Ari over the finish line!


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Old NFO said...

Put a little in... Amazing story.