Monday, June 1, 2020

These riots are the latest round in an organized attack on our republic

If anybody thinks the current riots erupting around the United States are just a reaction to the tragic death of George Floyd, or an uprising against racism in this country, they're worse than fools.  They're deluded idiots.  They're blind to reality.

No "spontaneous riot" sees pallet-loads of bricks mysteriously dropped off in major city centers, precisely where rioters will be passing in a very short time.  (There are innumerable reports and videos of them - see here for one on-the-spot recording.)  You couldn't possibly ask for stronger evidence of planning and organization behind the riots.  I also note that almost every city where rioting has broken out has been Democratic Party-controlled, with administrations that will reliably leash their police and security forces to give the rioters more or less free rein.  Out of 39 cities I've seen reported, there's only one exception that I can identify so far.

(One does wonder what Organizing for America has been up to.  I've heard from some of my cop friends in cities beset by unrest - the same friends who gave me the "straight dope" about cartel difficulties caused by the coronavirus - that OfA activists in their areas are behaving very suspiciously indeed.  They also report that some OfA activists are already known to them from their activities and sympathies in support of Antifa, as well as organizations connected to and/or funded by the Open Society FoundationsHere's one example.  What price cross-pollination of activists?  My informants have proved accurate before, and I'm willing to bet they're accurate again.  I'm also informed that their reports are being forwarded to a very high level indeed.  Let's hope suitable action will result.)

Almost every TV station, newspaper or other mainstream outlet has tried to tie the riots to President Trump, blaming him for them (or for making them worse).  The same goes for opinion and editorial columnists.  It's even extended to fake pictures, seeking to tie the Minneapolis police officer to the Trump campaign.  (On the other hand, I can't recall a single picture of the President throwing a rock, or taking a swing at a police officer, or breaking a window, or starting a fire in a business, or looting.  Makes you wonder who the real criminals are, doesn't it?)  What's more, social media appears to be allowing rioters and criminals to coordinate their activities, selecting targets and encouraging others to attack them - while those same social media are flagging the President's social media posts as untrustworthy.  Makes you think, doesn't it?

This incessant propaganda drumbeat makes it obvious that the mainstream media are taking their talking points from a central source, and parroting them like the obedient slaves to ideology that they've become.  If there's no smoke without fire, the mainstream media are a raging conflagration, a progressive holocaust.  You can't accept anything they're saying about the riots without first examining it very carefully, to strip away the partisan political rhetoric and get to the underlying facts.  If you think that's merely an aberration, you have no idea what's going on.

(Want an example?  Look at what Van Jones had to say on Friday about racism in America.  Note his background, particularly in the Obama administration.  Then consider Rahm Emanuel's [another leftist] oft-quoted dictum about never letting a serious crisis go to waste.  Put two and two together.  If you don't get four, you need math classes.)

Accusations that endemic racism in American society being to blame for the riots are nothing more than a pretext, an ideological fig-leaf to cover the planning and organization behind these events.  To anybody with two working brain cells to rub together, the lie is obvious.  As Sixties-era leftist activists knew (and recited repeatedly), "you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows".  "Spontaneous" protests are not this well arranged, so long in advance, needing only a spark to kindle the flame.  The death of George Floyd provided that spark, and those behind the riots are fanning it into a roaring conflagration for all they're worth.

"But why now?" I hear readers ask.  Why is this violence erupting at this time, rather than earlier or later?  The reason isn't hard to find.  Attorney-General Barr has been overseeing an investigation into the actions of the so-called "Deep State" and the Obama administration in the non-existent scandal over Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.  The more that comes out about that scandal, the more it appears that very senior figures in the previous administration, and very senior officials in the executive branch, conspired to pervert the course of justice and overturn - or at least obstruct - the result of a democratic election.  It appears very likely that criminal charges will result.  The latest Senate inquiry into elements of the scandal is to open today.  What better way to divert attention from the indefensible, almost certainly criminal actions of the progressive Left than to start a riot or three?  If there's no connection between those elements, I'll go out and buy a hat so that I can eat it!

Heads need to roll over this series of events.  Those heads should be those of the people who planned and organized this violence, and are still pulling the strings.  If their heads roll in a literal sense, as well as a figurative one, I won't be upset.  They deserve nothing less.  They have blood on their hands - the blood of the victims of the riots - and should be treated accordingly.

The situation also has grave implications for our personal security.  I'll address those in another article in a few hours' time.  Meanwhile, "trust in God and keep your powder dry."  You may need it.



Duke of URL VFM#391 said...

Sadly, we had a riot, er, I mean "a peaceful demonstration" here in Lincoln, Nebraska - about as Conservative Republican State capital city as you can imagine.
They burned several businesses in the Lincoln Mall.
Interesting, though. While some of the demonstrators were setting fires, others were grabbing fire extinguishers and trying to put them out...
It's been reported that many of the violent ones were identified by observers as being from out-of-town; wonder how much Soros paid to bus them in from, say, Chicago?

mark leigh said...

A large percentage of the protestors are black white and brown people protesting not race but the general police brutality we all experience. The way to end the protests is to abolish the doctrine of qualified immunity that shields the thugs and hold the police unions accountable for their members actions. That to stop the riots. To rebuild trust in the police will require them to prove that they are defenders of justice not asset forfeiture thieves and out of control enforcement thugs. Eliminating the vice squad and all the squalor it wallows in would tremendously. If the police were catching thieves instead of harassing prostitutes fear f the police would help stop theft instead of commerce.

BadFrog said...

@Mark leigh, I suppose you would like to see ICE disbanded along with those inconvenient drugs laws, immediate naturalisation of all 'undocumented' aliens and open borders as well? Sorry, pal, but your rhetoric puts on the wrong side of this debate.

Old NFO said...

Given there are always bad cops, regardless of ethnicity. Cities don't prosecute/get rid of them in a timely fashion. To whit the muslim officer that shot and killed the white woman in Minneapolis. Did you see riots and looting over that, Mark???

This is not about 'protesting' Floyd. This is about rioting/looting... Period. I love this one!

And lets not forget that 'protesters' are also bringing/using children as shields...

mark leigh said...

BadFrog you read far too much into my statement and suppositions belong where suppositories go. Try reading again and consider the reality that the police are Law Enforcement. Nothing in the role of being an enforcer necessitates protection or consideration of any kind being extended to those having the law enforced upon them. Enforcers mandate is to use force and violence to enforce the law. No consideration is given as to whether the force is appropriate but only to is it effective. Mob leg-breakers is a good description of police in many places. If you try to say don't crime and you will be safe don't forget there exists the crime of walking while a teenager and driving while black or any excuse they need when they look for someone to beat. The police in too many places act as thugs. Thugs at the order of governors that arrest people for walking alone cause social distancing means staying inside instead of staying apart. Unthinking thugs who will stop you on a whim and take your money and your car and tell you to prove they are not the proceeds of criminal activity. No the police have no right to ask for the support of the [people have been in this abusive relationship with our sheilded privileged overseers for far too long.

Beans said...

There was also the attempt, after impeachment failed and Corona-Chan was turning into not-a-super-bug (far from it, more like less lethal than your average, repeat average, strength seasonal flu) to pin 'racism' on the shooting of Ahmad Aubrey. Which, after 48 hours, just like the George Floyd story, fell apart. Completely. As usual in these cases.

What wasn't usual is that the leftists had their riot-props ready before the end of the 48 hour time period, almost like they were prepared beforehand (like with the Parkland shooting) and were waiting for an incident.

Seriously. They're holding George Floyd up as a martyr? Seriously?

He was dead before he hit the ground, just finished living with a knee to the back of his neck. Which is a normal no-hands hold, used by police, military and self defense instructors nationwide.

Gee. If only poor George was actually innocent of any felony, and hadn't thrashed his system with drug use and poor living, and hadn't had a heart attack... Maybe unintentional manslaughter at the best.

For a run-down of Poor George's 'academic resume,' see this article:

And, a synopsis on the Neck Restraint as used by Minneapolis (and lots of other departments):

Beans said...

What I was trying to say was that in relation to the Poor George incident, the leftists had their preps ready.

They did not have their preps ready for 'Just Jogging' Aubrey.

As to police brutality? Maybe, just maybe, if some of these sainted individuals would just stop resisting, or even better stop committing crimes, there wouldn't be the constant escalation.

Tom said...

Bean, what alternate reality are you living in? Because you don't live in this one.

As a side note, there's a much simpler explanation for why most of these riots are in Democratically controlled cities: because they're horrifically mismanaged from top to bottom, people both have more reason to be angry and know that their mayors aren't going to do anything if they run wild. A bad combo.

Aesop said...

Moscow Rules informs us that "There are no coincidences."