Sunday, June 28, 2020

Sunday morning music

A couple of Sundays ago I put up a bluegrass/country song titled "Seven Hillsides".  It meant a lot to me, touching as it did on several points near and dear to this retired pastor's heart.  I also admitted in that post that I didn't listen to much music in those genres.

One reader (who wishes to remain anonymous) thought it was time I broadened my horizons.  He'd seen how I've put up Pink Floyd videos in the past, so he sent me a link to a bluegrass version of their album "Dark Side of the Moon".  This is by a northern California group calling themselves Poor Man's Whiskey, and they title their version of the album "Darkside of the Moonshine".

Here's the full album. I found it a lot of fun.

The group has put out several albums.  I'll have to listen to more of their music.



McChuck said...

If you like mashups, then may I recommend:

Dread Zeppelin. Reggae versions of Led Zeppelin (and other) songs. The lead singer is an Elvis impersonator. It works, somehow. They have multiple albums, but Un-Led-Ed is probably the best.

Hayseed Dixie. Bluegrass versions of hard rock songs, particularly AC/DC. They have 16 studio albums.

Jim said...

+1 for Hayseed Dixie. They're a lot of fun as well.

Sam L. said...

I'ma LIKIN' this!!!! As Elvis would asy, "Thang ya. Thang ya verruh muuuuuch."

Old NFO said...

That was...interesting... ;-)